June 2024

Hiking Mount Lemmon: Marshall Peak.

Our friend Stephen joined me on this week’s hike. We started out at Marshall Gulch on the south end of Summerhaven and did the Aspen and Marshall Gulch Trails, passing over Marshall Peak along the way. It was a great day for a hike.


This song was going through my head the other day and I had to look it up on YouTube. Originally recorded by Chris Braide, then D-Side (in Ireland), Clay Aiken took this track to the charts shortly after he came in second on “American Idol” (which never made sense to me).

The energy of this video seems authentic; rumor has it people just showed up when they started recording the video. I noticed people with cameras and not with smartphones.

I miss the days before the attack of smartphones.

Fun fact: Clay’s version is the only version with the “Reach out… ” bridge, which adds quite a bit of energy to the latter half of the track.


I did not watch the debate last night. There’s no point in me getting worked up and expending mental energy over something as stupid as whatever happened last night. I know everything I need to know about the both of them. I can’t believe there is anyone in the country that doesn’t know what they need to know about these men. One has absolutely no moral foundation whatsoever and the other has a good moral foundation but probably can’t find it.

That’s it, that’s the choice. Any vote for a third party candidate is a vote for the worst of the two main candidates; that’s how our rigged election system works. It’s all a machine.

I miss the days of living in Chicago: “vote early and vote often”.

I would have loved to seen a debate between Pete Buttiegig and Nikki Haley. That would give me hope. But we’re stuck with the geriatric set.

Earl watched the debates last night and at the first commercial break he came downstairs where I was fiddling with one of my computers, passing the evening away with a mental break. He looked a little shaken and I asked him how the debate was going. He responded, “it’s not good”. He was visibly shaken when the whole thing mercifully came to an end 90 minutes later.

I can’t see anything but turbulent times ahead, no matter who wins in November. Couple last night’s travesty with the idiotic rulings coming out of the supreme Court (capitalization is on purpose there, folks) today and we are in for some rough times ahead.

I’m still rooting for the meteor.

And while I’m in a mood, shame on CNN for this whole stunt, zero fact checking, and then patting themselves on the back for a job well done. The only thing this debate accomplished was generating ad clicks, which was the point all along.


One of my traditions during my storm chasing trips is to taste regional variations of chili. It’s not great for the gut but it can be an oh-so-delicious experience.

Last night, Earl and I met up with our friend Marshall and went to one of our favorite restaurants on this side of Tucson. On the menu they have “Cowboy Chili”. It has a bit of kick and is served with the Fritos and other stuff garnishes shown here.

I have been known to dump chili into a bag of Fritos and go at it with a spoon. This more refined approach is probably better for when I’m out in public.


As you can tell by the posts here on this ancient bloggy thing, I’ve been making a lot of videos lately. I enjoy sharing these videos with folks via YouTube and then subsequently posting these videos through the various social media outlets. I’m not in it to make money; it’s an art endeavor.

Apparently the YouTube algorithm, which makes or breaks influencers on a daily basis, doesn’t like my cavalier, “I’m not going to shock you with my thumbnail” approach. Either that or folks just don’t care for videos of a 55 year old man climbing mountains and popping in and out of frames like Paul Lynde on “Bewitched”. Though, I tend to think of my witchcraft presentations to be more along the lines of Maurice Evans on the series.

I’m having fun and that’s first and foremost on my priority list. I’d really like to make other people smile or at least forget about their worries for some moments with my “art”. If you know someone that’d be interested, feel free to share.

Project 2025.

I am generally avoiding news and posts and social media updates around political discourse during this Presidential election season. It’s not because I’m indifferent to the subject. I am very much aware of what can happen if Trump is elected to office again. No, I’m avoiding the subject online to maintain my personal sanity. My head is not in the sand; my mind is very much made up.

For those not aware, ultra conservative groups (I hesitate to call them “think tanks” and the like) have banded together to formulate a Day One plan should Trump be elected to the White House again. This plan is called “Project 2025” and it is horrifyingly alarming. Some high points:

  • Reclassify thousands of government jobs as political appointees, instead of designating them as a civil service positions. If they’re political appointees, Trump would insist they be loyal to him
  • Dismantling key governmental agencies, for example, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), because they’re “pushing the climate change agenda”
  • Other agencies on the dismantled list would include the Department of Education

I’m not a huge fan of John Oliver, but his recent coverage of “Project 2025” is enlightening. Take a few moments to watch this clip. I hope I don’t have to tell you that another Trump presidential administration would be a very bad idea.

Early Monsoon.

Mother Nature seems to be in a feisty mood again this week. After some impressive monsoon rains this past weekend, it looks like she’s going to continue her fun for the next few days.

Tucson is under the “Heavy Rain/Flash Flooding Possible” red zone in today’s forecast from the NOAA WPC or Weather Prediction Center. Maybe I’ll get some good lightning shots after work tonight.

Hiking Mount Lemmon: Aspen Draw-Aspen-Marshall Gulch Trails.

Here’s my latest hiking video! This weekend I hiked up from Summerhaven again. I hiked the Aspen Draw trail again, but then went down the other side of the ridge along the Aspen and Marshall Gulch Trails. This was a fun point-to-point hike as Earl was waiting for me at the Marshall Gulch Picnic Area.

I’m trying to get these videos out there simply because I like sharing my adventures and I hope viewers enjoy the experience as much as I do. If you know someone that may enjoy, please send them to my channel!