It’s a pretty low-key day in the desert compound today. Some of the family is still sleeping as I type this; Earl went and fetched us all some bagels, and I’ve been putzing around the house.

Truman has selected a couple of places to kick back. When I was putzing around upstairs he found contentment on the end table. Now he’s on his cat tree in the family room as I work in my office. Every once in a while he’ll open his eyes and see what’s going on. I stopped by to give him some scritches behind the ears and there were loud purrs, then he looked at me and I knew it was time for me to stop and for him to go back to napping.

The entire family is taking it easy today.

No Chat Cat.

I sat down to have a conversation with Truman. He likes hanging outside my office door, so I thought I’d sit down on the floor next to him and discuss his thoughts on it being the end of the week.

He showed a typically feline air of disinterest.

Apparently something farther down the house was grabbing his attention at the time, because he wanted nothing to do with having a conversation with me. I shouldn’t be surprised. Perhaps I should have carried kibble in my hand or something.


Truman does his thing.

Because I’m such a lover of the feline set, I’m always fascinated by the routines house cats seemingly adopt.

For the past 10 days or so, Truman has begun sleeping in our bedroom, as pictured above, from approximately 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. No longer does he sleep under the bed, or on the couch, or on one of his cat perches. He has decided that this is the spot for sleeping during this time and the displayed pose is to be assumed when awakened from a nap.

Cats are fascinating to me.

When I go down to pet him he starts purring as his head bobs around while I’m reaching down. It’s a quirk he has; the only other cat I’ve ever seen do this was a cat I had as a kid; her name was Cinders. She’d bob her head around too. I think it’s a way of bringing the hooman into focus.


Truman enjoys sleeping in the middle of the floor these days. I think he likes the cooler tile and such in the warmer weather. He strikes a pose and does his thing. Occasionally he finds something he needs to turn an ear to, but then he’s back at his quasi-catnap, never losing site of maintaining a pose.


Truman is very comfortable in home and with the family all living together. We had guests this week and he was a gentleman for the most part. He’d retreat to a secret location when he had enough of the younger humans that were visiting. We’d usually find him stretched out on the floor of our bedroom.

I find it charming when he stretches out like this; it’s a display of trust. Or perhaps it’s just comfortable.


Truman has never been one to cuddle. He’ll sleep on the foot of the bed or he’ll situate himself nearby, but unlike other cats I’ve had over the years, he’s not one to get all cuddly with his hooman.

This morning he settled in next to me on the breakfast nook bench as I was eating breakfast. After giving my arm a quick nibble to announce his presence, he cleaned himself up and fell asleep next to me. I was surprised to see him this close.

He likes me to be close by but don’t smother him. If he was a human he probably wouldn’t be much of a hugger.


No Fear.

Truman has decided he’s a big fan of the bannister. He enjoys looking down on the dining room. I have concerns about him falling but he’s insistent on enjoying his new perch.


Someone has become very comfortable in our new home. I can’t believe it’s been two months since we moved to Tucson! Truman feels just as comfortable on an end table as he does walking along the ridge that flanks the staircase.


Mr. Majestic here keeps an eye on the wild life around the back side of the house.