June 25, 2024


As you can tell by the posts here on this ancient bloggy thing, I’ve been making a lot of videos lately. I enjoy sharing these videos with folks via YouTube and then subsequently posting these videos through the various social media outlets. I’m not in it to make money; it’s an art endeavor.

Apparently the YouTube algorithm, which makes or breaks influencers on a daily basis, doesn’t like my cavalier, “I’m not going to shock you with my thumbnail” approach. Either that or folks just don’t care for videos of a 55 year old man climbing mountains and popping in and out of frames like Paul Lynde on “Bewitched”. Though, I tend to think of my witchcraft presentations to be more along the lines of Maurice Evans on the series.

I’m having fun and that’s first and foremost on my priority list. I’d really like to make other people smile or at least forget about their worries for some moments with my “art”. If you know someone that’d be interested, feel free to share.