Project 2025.

I am generally avoiding news and posts and social media updates around political discourse during this Presidential election season. It’s not because I’m indifferent to the subject. I am very much aware of what can happen if Trump is elected to office again. No, I’m avoiding the subject online to maintain my personal sanity. My head is not in the sand; my mind is very much made up.

For those not aware, ultra conservative groups (I hesitate to call them “think tanks” and the like) have banded together to formulate a Day One plan should Trump be elected to the White House again. This plan is called “Project 2025” and it is horrifyingly alarming. Some high points:

  • Reclassify thousands of government jobs as political appointees, instead of designating them as a civil service positions. If they’re political appointees, Trump would insist they be loyal to him
  • Dismantling key governmental agencies, for example, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), because they’re “pushing the climate change agenda”
  • Other agencies on the dismantled list would include the Department of Education

I’m not a huge fan of John Oliver, but his recent coverage of “Project 2025” is enlightening. Take a few moments to watch this clip. I hope I don’t have to tell you that another Trump presidential administration would be a very bad idea.