June 2, 2024


The whole family went to the movies together last night. We haven’t done this since before the pandemic. A part of Chris’ birthday celebration, we went and saw the latest “Mad Max” movie.

I never watched the “Mad Max” movies from then or now, but I have a general idea of what they’re about. I’ve seen plenty of clips over the years. They’re not really my cup of tea; I found the story of “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” mildly interesting. The cinematography was spectacular. Some of the camera angles and shots in general were quite engaging. I really liked that aspect of the movie.

The closest theatre is part of the Galaxy Theatres chain. I believe it’s the only one in Arizona. It’s a very nice theatre, situated in an old Basha’s Supermarket location. The seats are very comfortable and the theatres seems to be quite spacious. There’s also cameras concentrated on the audience to monitor phone use and the like; there are several warning messages before the show alerting the audience to not use your cell phone as you will be removed from the premises.

I really like that.