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  1. I have your blog in my RSS feed (yes, people still use RSS feeds). Also, someone on Twitter told me about a new Twitter/Facebook competitor called Mastodon. Have you checked it out?

    1. Yes, I have just dipped my toes into Mastodon with a very narrow scoped presence to my tech and dev endeavors. Check out

  2. My dad managed a Grant store in East Aurora NY, Cheektowaga NY, Camp Hill, Pa, and Pinellas Park, Fl. My grandfather managed a store in Glens Falls, NY as well. I grew up in the stores as a kid and have many fond memories. One of the nicest memories was when my dad would set up the store on a Sunday and we would watch the Wizard of Oz in colour! Most people did not have colour TV sets at the time and stores were closed on Sundays. It was such a treat.

    I still have a pair of long thermal underwear with the Grants label.

  3. Thank you for this blog, I enjoy reading it.
    Your post about meeting families at christmas rang some bells with me, as although my family are half a mile away, they want to be alone on christmas day.
    Sad times we live in.
    Although, I expect we will all meet in the pub on Christmas morning.
    Socially distanced of course.
    Have you tried to drink a pint through a mask ?
    Anyway. Thank you young man and please keep blogging.:-)

  4. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day and will have a year filled with LOTS of happiness.
    Hugs from Wisconsin

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