June 19, 2024


When I’m out hiking on my weekend hike I often spend much of the experience in contemplation. My thoughts are usually tickling at Warp 10, going everywhere possible at once, but then I ramp it back a bit and I just think about an assortment of topics at any given moment. Out in nature is really a good place for me to get things back into perspective, and I usually feel the better for it when I get back home.

This is in addition to planning, filming, and producing (at least in my head) a video of the hiking experience of the moment.

One of my constant struggles is settling down on my approach to technology to something That Just Works, which is difficult, because we all know there’s very little in today’s world of technology That Just Works. Heck, we can’t even reliably count on a new dishwasher to do its thing for more than a year or two. I miss the days when a computer would just do what we wanted it to do without allegedly trying to think for me. I want my computer to be a reliable tool, not something that constantly requires engagement in fake conversation.

Yes, “A.I.” is cool, but it doesn’t need to be in everything.

As I struggle with however I want to be productive, namely around using software to track all the things that are floating around in my head, I end up switching between methods way too often. I’ve talked about this a lot on this blog. You should see how much the topic comes up in my personal journal!

The only way I’ve been able to keep this under control is by reviewing my personal goals every morning. What do I need to do to reach my personal goals, or at the very least, inch in the proper direction toward those goals.

Anyone reading this entry probably sees this as common sense and something they don’t even think about on a daily basis. Me? It’s just one of the many items floating around my head at any given moment.

No wonder my ears pop so much.