June 21, 2024


I’ve never been a huge “Wheel of Fortune” fan, but I do hearken back to the days when Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford shared the stage, the winning contestants bought items on a shopping spree, and the remaining balance was either used “on account” or on toward a gift certificate.

Here’s an episode of the original “Wheel of Fortune” from 1980. Many of the episodes were taped over when they reused the video tapes; yay for the rich people that had VCRs back in 1980.


A couple of years ago we had a contracting company build what we can the “amphitheater” in our back yard. This area is about 10 feet below ground level and overlooks the wash that crosses our property in the back. The space has been quite enjoyable, though dusty because we had them install hard packed dirt and sand as the “floor”.

We decided to finish the space off and this week the contractors completed the work. The amphitheater now features paver stones in desert colors, making the area even more enjoyable.

Earl now has a relatively secluded place to relax on a beautiful day in the desert.