Tech journalist Mike Elgan sums up a bit of 2022 quite well in this article (unfortunately it may be behind a paywall, I received it as an email).

And that’s why “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” is exactly the movie we need right now. Yes, it’s a fun murder mystery. But the theme throughout is: Most of these young super-geniuses lionized by social media are actually just narcissist morons.

Some other gems from the article:

Elon Musk ran his mouth about Twitter so narcissistically that he was forced to buy it, wasting $44 billion and destroying the social network by personally making all the major decisions and, in doing so, driving away its most active users and best advertisers.

Kanye West ruined his own business empire by expressing his antipathy for Jewish people and his admiration for Adolph Hitler. But behind this garden variety antisemitism was a more familiar trait of total narcissism — West’s longstanding belief that he’s an unparalleled artistic and business visionary genius. And Jesus.

And, of course, Donald Trump continued to dominate the news with his own special mix of malignant narcissism and criminality, caught stealing top secret documents (most likely to show off as trophies at his golf club) and lying about winning an election he lost.

I won’t share the entirety of the article here, but if you’d like to see more, drop me an email.

She Seems Nice.

I hear Twitter is having an outage. Thank God. I hope that platform dies an agonizing, painful, bankruptcy inducing death and the likes of Julia Hartley-Brewer, whoever the heck she is, goes away to the nearest rock as her new residence. Not cool at all.

Twitter is not a Town Square. It was never a Town Square. Don’t buy into the Silicon Valley hype of creating a virtual town square. It’s not. It has become a haven of horrible people getting way too much amplification of their hateful, inhuman voices.

They all just need to go away.


Yesterday Donald Trump announced he was making a “major announcement” today. The accompanying graphic had him superimposed onto a superhero outfit. “The country needs a superhero”.

Many theorized he was going to run for Speaker of The House, others thought that he was announcing his running mate. I saw tweets of folks theorizing his next major step in his Presidential campaign for 2024 (it’s still way too early for this, folks). His fervent supporters were EXCITED. EXCITED, I tell ya.

The announcement came out this morning.

MAGA folks can buy an NFT of Trump in a superhero outfit for $99, just in time for the holidays. It’s not a real trading card, it’s a digital trading card.

This is beyond “Four Seasons Landscaping Day” lunacy. I’m not going to share the graphics involved with this idiocy but I’m blown away by how stupid this is. I’ve checked several sources to confirm this wasn’t some sort of parody, and then I went to his “Truth Social” social media account and confirmed that yes, indeed, this was the major announcement.

‘ Merica, f*ck yeah! These NFTs are going to look great emblazoned on the sides of MAGA homes.


The captain on the flight from Philadelphia to Denver was very pleasant. About 60 minutes before our arrival he announced, “Folks, if you haven’t flown into Denver before, you’ll notice turbulence can pop up at any time. This is due to the proximity to the Rocky Mountains. As long as you keep your seat belt on, you might feel uncomfortable but you’ll be safe. I’ve asked the flight attendants to prepare the cabin for landing early and for them to take their jump seats. Please be seated and make sure you’ve fastened your seat belt.”

So, of course a gentleman promptly gets up, opens the overhead bin, pulls down a whole bunch of stuff and apparently starts rearranging his bag. I took this photo just as he was opening the bin for the purpose of griping about this sort of thing on my blog. Two flight attendants asked him to have a seat but with his rearranging it looks him a few minutes.

Now, he could have been moving around a heart monitor and medication or something. Perhaps he had his wife stowed up that and she needed more Cheerios. Maybe he didn’t hear the announcement due to his AirPods. But of course I rolled my eyes and wondered allowed to my husband, “why is there always one that defies the seat belt light and announcement and insists on doing their own thing”.

After a few bumps that caused the open bin to bounce a couple of times, he swiftly put his bag up with his wife and had a seat.


Do we really want to live in a society where the highlighted instructions above are necessary?

I’ll say it again. The movie “Idiocracy” was not a user’s guide for the future.


I had my latest COVID-19 booster and yearly flu vaccination on Tuesday. I haven’t felt right since. In fact, I’ve felt awful. Better yet, I’ve felt the worst I’ve felt in several decades.

I am never getting two vaccine shots at the same time ever again.

Planned Boost.

We’ve scheduled our next COVID booster shot and we’re going to combine it with our annual flu shot because that’s what we do in 2022. I’m still not a fan of vaccines but I still get them because it’s probably for the better for me and it’s for the greater good. I tend to think of this little activity as not selfish.

You should do the same.

Election Day.

Today is Election Day in the United States. It’s the midterm elections and unless you’ve been living on a rock, you’ve probably been barraged with countless ads with mud being slung everywhere, outrageous lies, craftily edited video, and just gross buffoonery from both sides of the political equation. According to all polls on all networks vying for ad revenue, every race is a 50/50 race and too close to call, even those without opponents.

I’ve shut the television off. I’m avoiding news sites. I’m not talking about it.

It’s not like anyone is going to have an answer anytime soon and most likely if someone doesn’t win their going to throw some stupid hissy fit about compromised polls, illegal activity, and corruption at all levels of the election system, but just you watch, they will have zero evidence to back up these claims.

Our family voted by mail in plenty of time before the Pima County deadline. We’ve done our duty. I hope you did yours.


Some days I completely and utterly and without question identify with Tyne Daly’s “Maxine” in this scene from “Judging Amy”.

No Faith.

I have absolutely no faith in the American public doing the right thing when it comes to voting in the Midterm Elections. None. Not only do I have no faith in the voting public, I have little faith in our voting process. Not because Democrats are going to steal the election, no, they’re really not that clever, but because voting districts are incredibly gerrymandered into forced ridiculous outcomes and there are already election laws in place to make sure the American voter has as little of a voice as possible, especially non-white folks.

Look, the average IQ of American society is plummeting. The young ones couldn’t care less about voting unless it’s going to earn them “likes” and “influence”. The older ones watch the stupidest of the news media outlets (and they’re ALL stupid, quite frankly) and are way beyond their shelf date. We hear both sides of every issue when the other side is so incredibly far-fetched/stupid/ignorant that it’s worth absolutely no air time. The news media doesn’t care about reporting, they care about opinions because it generates controversy which generates ad revenue because of eye balls and pearl clutching. Don’t even get me started on the idiocy of social media. We worship billionaires that were given millions as kids because they work hard(?).

“Idiocracy” was not an operating manual for society, but y’all are hellbent on turning this hellscape into their favorite sci-fi armageddon/post apocalyptic scenario because that gets better ratings.

The likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Bobert wouldn’t get two seconds in any sort of conversation, let alone be taken seriously as a political contender before the 21st century. Never. They’re good for ad revenue for the news media, and therefore we have to hear their uneducated, ignorant, fucked up points of view all the time. They’re STUPID. Why must we elevate and amplify the voices of the STUPID. Let them bark at a carnival or a church or something.

The only faith I have in these midterms is the other shoe is going to drop and it’s not going to be pretty.

I need to go to a shooting range and let my hostilities out.