Apparently Congress is taking a recess because they can’t agree on anything. The government is going to shut down again in a week because no one can agree on anything.

I’m really, really tired of stupid people voting for stupid people. Maybe they can just stay away and let someone competent come in and do the job they can’t do.

Our government was not designed to be run by stupid people, and that’s what we’re stuck with.


My husband occasionally tells me I get too worked up with road rage as we’re navigating the roads, streets, and stravenues of Tucson, Arizona. For those not familiar with Tucson, as the city has grown the citizens have struck down any and every suggestion of building a crosstown freeway, eschewing the fast roadway experience for a consistent, “it’s a big city but still feels like a small town” experience. Instead of freeways we have arterials with plenty of traffic lights, lowered speed limits to make six- to eight-lane roadways “pedestrian friendly”, and folks driving quickly on surface streets because we don’t have freeways.

Now, I’m not an overly aggressive driver, but because I’ve done a considerable amount of college-grade studying in the whole civil engineering/traffic engineering arena, I know what the books say about highway design versus what the city of Tucson and Pima County have opted to do instead, and there’s a lot of weirdness out there. Add to this the fact that a sizable number of motorists don’t even know how to work their headlights, let alone pay attention to driving instead of using their cell phone like they’re talking into a pop tart, and the plummeting average IQ of the American citizen and I’m pretty sure we can figure out why I occasionally exhibit road rage behavior. It’s not that my husband finds I’m too aggressive, it’s that he has to hear my screaming when no one else on the road is aware of my screaming.

I’ve been doing my best to keep it inside lately. We are too far along our life paths to die in our sleep after listening to the rantings of a bald man.

The thing is, people are stupid, and driving forces everyone down to the least common denominator, especially without freeways. If someone is doing something stupid in front of you, you have to slow down and let them make their dull-normal decision to turn right from the very left hand lane. There’s never a turn signal involved with this, it’s just “oh the GPS just told me to turn right and even though I’ve been in the left lane for the past 65 miles, I’m going to dart across and turn right so I can get into the Walmart parking lot”.

I’ve recently discovered that if drivers can manage to turn their headlights on, they can’t figure out how to use their high beam switch, so in addition to these needlessly bright headlights on trucks that are too tall to begin with, drivers are navigating the stravenues of Tucson with their high beams on because no one knows what that stick on the left side of the steering wheel is suppose to do. Left, right, high, low: just ignore the switch and hope for the best.

Luckily, I’m one of the few remaining Americans that knows what this is.

For those unaware, the little switch hanging down from your rear view mirror switches the mirror from “day” to “night” mode or vice-versa. Night mode dims the entire scene displayed in the mirror so the $100K Ford F350 with a nuclear fusion powered headlight system of eight, ten, or twelve lights barreling down the ass end of your Jeep Cherokee isn’t burning your retinas completely out of your head.

Unfortunately, I live with a few people that don’t know what that switch does and they leave the switch in the night position in the day time and opt to just swing the mirror around instead.

And now you know why I might yell a lot in the car.

Molino 3.

I was surprised to see “orange lights” near Mount Lemmon in the Catalina Mountains last night. I spotted these “lights” during my sunset walk; once the sun was down I realized it was a wild fire.

Dubbed the “Molino 3” fire, it was at approximately the same area as a fire earlier this year where a guy shooting target practices fired off some rounds that sparked a fire and didn’t do anything about it, resulting in the “Molino 2” fire. At last check they were reporting 425 acres were on fire.

I hope they’re able to get it out quickly. Admittedly, I’m worried about the wildlife and the ecosystem in the area more than any human installed dwellings down the mountain. Too many humans have a tendency to do terrible things to this planet. Hopefully good humans will help get this fire under control quickly.

The Stupid.

Again, just a reminder, the movie “Idiocracy” is not a user’s guide or instruction manual.


Fuel prices have been outrageously high in the Tucson area for the past two months. The oil companies say it’s because there’s been maintenance on the pipeline from California or Texas, I’m not sure which, and that the oil companies were also doing maintenance on the refineries during this time. Interestingly, fuel prices at stations just outside of the city limits were sometimes over a dollar cheaper a gallon.

I also find it quite interesting that all the fuel prices at all the gas stations in the area went up to these outrageously high prices at that same time.

That’s not supply and demand. That’s corporate greed.

Fuel prices have started slowly coming back down toward the national average, but they’re not coming down nearly as fast as they shot up earlier this spring.

Again, more corporate greed, plain and simple. We live in discouraging times.


Yesterday’s shooting in Nashville was awful. Some sources say there’s been over 100 mass shootings in the United States in 2023 and we haven’t even hit day 100 yet. Unfortunately it feels like the country is numb to this sort of thing. Children should never be afraid to go to school. Teachers should never have to worry about evacuating their classrooms during a mass shooting. School was always suppose to be safe space.

There are no safe spaces in the United States in 2023.

According to some reports, the shooter, who was also killed, was a trans individual. Some of the news outlets are not reporting this, others are trumpeting it quite loudly. Apparently the shooter had been a student at this private school back during their school days.

There are some opinions I have that I won’t share here on this blog. My opinion of the recent trend of conflating gay rights with trans rights is quite complicated. My opinion is probably best left unwritten in this space. But the fact that the shooter was trans will definitely affect the increasing political spotlight on the subject.

And we don’t need that right now.

Dear Apple, Part One.

Dear Apple,

Six Colors and other Apple aficionados are releasing their 2022 “Report Cards” for where they see Apple as of 2022. These report cards are very interesting and I look forward to reading them everywhere. I don’t use the commentary to sway my opinion, nor reaffirm my opinion, but I do often agree with the assessments presented.

I am typing this blog entry on my M1 iPad Pro. I would like this device to be my main computing device. I want a Star Trek experience where I can take this device anywhere, work with it as a tablet or connected to the Magic Keyboard, or plug it into a keyboard and monitor setup, and be productive on this device. I don’t need it to run MacOS, because that would be continuing the same old paradigm. But I have to admit, I’m really confused as to what you want this device to do.

The M1 (and new M2) processor is the same exact processor in your Mac lineups. My M1 Mac Mini is absolutely amazing. It has been a workhorse since I purchased it in 2020 and easily handled my work at home needs without even getting warm, let alone breaking a sweat. The M1 (and now M2) processors are amazing and you should be commended on this advancement.

So why do you stifle your iPad Pro lineup so much by restricting this beautiful device to iPadOS?

Let’s face it, Stage Manager in iPadOS 16 is a mess. It’s not intuitive, it’s buggy, and it’s too restricted for power users and too complicated for normal users. When I fire up my iPad Pro I don’t want to see a bigger version of my iPhone, I want to Think Different.

The iPad Pro, in the focus of your company with billions and billions and billions of dollars in the bank, should have a completely different experience than both your iPhone and Mac line ups. The iPad Pro deserves to stand on its own and deserves to bring a new paradigm of desktop computing front and center.

For a few years now I’ve mentioned MercuryOS from time to time. A brilliant concept by people smarter than me, MercuryOS is designed for tablets exactly like the iPad Pro. The concept shows a new, intuitive interface for computing, powered by the likes of AI we see today with Siri. MercuryOS is gentle, elegant, and designed to bring users into a state of “flow”. Flow is good. Flow on an iPadPro would be a godsend.

Please, hire the people that built the concept of MercuryOS. I know you have the technology today to make these things happen. We all know that if any company in the world has the capital to pull this off, it’s Apple.

We have spent well over a decade waiting for the next step in computing. We have waited for well over a decade for the next giant leap in the user experience. We have the devices, we have the technology, and the cash to make it happen is there.

Please give us the next big thing.

(I am in no way associated or involved with the folks at MercuryOS. I am just a really big fan).


Tech journalist Mike Elgan sums up a bit of 2022 quite well in this article (unfortunately it may be behind a paywall, I received it as an email).

And that’s why “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” is exactly the movie we need right now. Yes, it’s a fun murder mystery. But the theme throughout is: Most of these young super-geniuses lionized by social media are actually just narcissist morons.

Some other gems from the article:

Elon Musk ran his mouth about Twitter so narcissistically that he was forced to buy it, wasting $44 billion and destroying the social network by personally making all the major decisions and, in doing so, driving away its most active users and best advertisers.

Kanye West ruined his own business empire by expressing his antipathy for Jewish people and his admiration for Adolph Hitler. But behind this garden variety antisemitism was a more familiar trait of total narcissism — West’s longstanding belief that he’s an unparalleled artistic and business visionary genius. And Jesus.

And, of course, Donald Trump continued to dominate the news with his own special mix of malignant narcissism and criminality, caught stealing top secret documents (most likely to show off as trophies at his golf club) and lying about winning an election he lost.

I won’t share the entirety of the article here, but if you’d like to see more, drop me an email.

She Seems Nice.

I hear Twitter is having an outage. Thank God. I hope that platform dies an agonizing, painful, bankruptcy inducing death and the likes of Julia Hartley-Brewer, whoever the heck she is, goes away to the nearest rock as her new residence. Not cool at all.

Twitter is not a Town Square. It was never a Town Square. Don’t buy into the Silicon Valley hype of creating a virtual town square. It’s not. It has become a haven of horrible people getting way too much amplification of their hateful, inhuman voices.

They all just need to go away.


Yesterday Donald Trump announced he was making a “major announcement” today. The accompanying graphic had him superimposed onto a superhero outfit. “The country needs a superhero”.

Many theorized he was going to run for Speaker of The House, others thought that he was announcing his running mate. I saw tweets of folks theorizing his next major step in his Presidential campaign for 2024 (it’s still way too early for this, folks). His fervent supporters were EXCITED. EXCITED, I tell ya.

The announcement came out this morning.

MAGA folks can buy an NFT of Trump in a superhero outfit for $99, just in time for the holidays. It’s not a real trading card, it’s a digital trading card.

This is beyond “Four Seasons Landscaping Day” lunacy. I’m not going to share the graphics involved with this idiocy but I’m blown away by how stupid this is. I’ve checked several sources to confirm this wasn’t some sort of parody, and then I went to his “Truth Social” social media account and confirmed that yes, indeed, this was the major announcement.

‘ Merica, f*ck yeah! These NFTs are going to look great emblazoned on the sides of MAGA homes.