Desert Life.


Lucky likes to keep it casual on a Thursday. I like to think his ears are a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n roll.


We had a load of landscape gravel delivered to our home earlier this week. The load was seven tons and we all opted to move the gravel where it need to be ourselves. Today we finished the project and got the Yavapai (that’s the color designation, apparently) gravel where it needed to be.

I think the results are acceptable. My arms appreciated the work out.


I went for a ride to the southeast of Tucson and drove through Sierra Vista and around nearby Fort Huachuca. It was in Sierra Vista that I discovered the very first McDonald’s Drive Thru.

I noticed the “McDonald’s” in the main sign and the “McDonalds” in the little sign.


There are days when I really can’t believe this is actually our back yard.


A roadrunner stopped by for a bit to make sure I was working on a Monday morning. Once I snapped his photo he beep beeped out of here and went on to his next destination.


Our Jenn-Air cooktop is served by a 30 amp circuit. The range requires a 45 amp circuit, but we confirmed the circuit breaker is rated for 30 amps and the wiring that runs under the kitchen marble tile and through the foundation pad is rated at 30 amps. Whatever cooktop resides in our current configuration will have 30 amps.

Chris decided to invest in a new cooktop and went with a glass topped induction cooktop by Frigidaire. It’s part of their Gallery collection. Chris and Mike installed it over the weekend. As an induction cooktop it doesn’t draw as much power so we can use more than one or two burners at any given time without fear of burning the house down. The Jenn-Air cooktop was 45-inches, but they’re not in style or not really available anymore, so the new cooktop is a 36-inch model. Chris fashioned a work area cutting board/utensils rest area for one side, stained it to match the cabinets, and installed it with great success.

I’ll have to share a picture later in the week.


These flowers along our driveway always make me smile. I don’t need “signs of spring” to bring me out of a funk these days; the lack of snow from living in the desert achieves that for me naturally.

The previous owners of our home did quite well with the landscaping. We’ve had to make a couple of changes due to the intensity of last year’s monsoon but for the most part the landscaping company keeps our grounds looking lively and lovely.

Make Way.

I was out for my morning walk when I came across a neighborhood visitor. They were out enjoying the heat of the asphalt. I didn’t get close enough to get a rattle from our visitor; I kept my distance and walked the other way around the loop. By the time I got back to this spot, they had moved on to their next adventure.


We spruced up some of the ambiance in the great room. The previous owner of the house had a large tapestry hanging on the wall and was kind enough to leave the rod and hangers behind when we bought the house.

Earl and I spotted this blanket when we were visiting the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago and thought it work well in that spot. Earl found some karate belts that matched the color of the blanket and Chris was able to cut and affix them to the top to serve as hangers. They look like the belong there.

We all like the way the blanket looks and find it works well in the room. We’ve been slowly making improvements to the house since moving in just over a year ago. We’re still wrangling with the home insurance company over the damage from last year’s monsoon. You can see a piece of the missing ceiling in the vestibule on the right. Hopefully all of that will be cleared up soon as well.