Saturday Morning.

Around this date in 1975, my sister and I were hyped up on ”Super Sugar Smacks”, stationed in front of our black-and-white Zenith TV in the family 10×50 mobile home with 8×40 addition. We would always tune into ”Shazam!” and “The Secrets of Isis” as we chowed down on the cereal with milk from the farm down the street.

In this screencap from “Funny Girl”, Cindy Lee, Rick, and Andrea have a picnic lunch on the front lawn of their high school. Cindy Lee brought egg salad sandwiches and Andrea brought along fried chicken. Rick didn’t bring along anything because he figured the ladies would provide the lunch. It was the ’70s. When Andrea called him out on this, Rick said he’s going to marry a woman that looks like Isis but can cook like Andrea. Andrea gives him a look, and tells him he’s going to be a very old bachelor.

She then gives a quick side glance to the camera to thank the audience for keeping her superhero secret. She did this often throughout the series and I always liked that as a kid. It’s hard to see in the second screen cap, but this was a few decades before HD video.

As a quick aside, even in 1975 at age seven I had a crush on Brian Cutler as Rick Mason.

Joanna Pang as Cindy Lee, Brian Cutler as Rick Mason, Joanna Cameron as Andrea Thomas/Isis.
A little wink to the camera from Andrea. Thanks for keeping the secret of her secret identity!


I just watched a YouTube video of rare sitcom openings from failed pilots of the 1970s.

I miss 70s mustaches.

The Expanse, Part Two.

My husband and I have been making our way through season one of “The Expanse” and I’m really enjoying the series. As mentioned earlier this week, I’m a big fan of Shohreh Aghdashloo’s portrayal of UN Deputy Undersecretary of Executive Administration, Christen Avasarala.

Tonight I told Earl I also have a bit of a crush on Thomas Jane, who plays Joe Miller/The Investigator. He said, “of course you do”.

Perhaps I need to find some more photos of Mr. Jane on the Internet. I just enjoy he way he carries himself and admittedly, he ain’t bad to look at.


Earl and Jamie are in Phoenix this weekend to watch a couple of Cubs @ Diamondbacks games. They’re expected home this evening. The Cubs won yesterday; hopefully they’ll repeat the feat today.

Chris, Mike, and I went out for Korean BBQ and Sushi last night. I rode in the backseat as we made our way into town. I don’t get to appreciate the scenery surrounding our home when I’m driving, so it was nice to just watch the world go by as we made our way to the restaurant. We’ve lived here in Tucson for several months but I’m still not used to the fact that we have mountains all around, even though we can see them from numerous vantage points on our property.

Mike is the driver’s seat.

The food was very good. This was the second time I had been to this restaurant. My husband doesn’t enjoy Asian Cuisine nor does he enjoy sushi, so with him out of town we decided to go take advantage of the situation. It was very good and we had a nice time.

Chris and Mike.

Three out of five of us have nose rings, four out of five of us have tattoos, and one out of five of us is clean-shaven at the moment. Guess who the “one” is in all these scenarios.

They still love me even with these current cosmetic choices.


11 years ago (and some change), the family was out to dinner for the evening at Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse, New York. Our dear friend Scott is now living Minneapolis-St. Paul and we miss seeing him. Perhaps circumstance will bring him to the desert soon.

High Society.

After watching a couple episodes of the new series “Hacks” on HBO Max, I was reminded of a mid 1990s sitcom starring Mary McDonnell and Jean Smart. More of a response instead of a take-off of the U.K.’s “Absolutely Fabulous”, the two ladies starred in a short-lived CBS sitcom called “High Society”.

Mary McDonnell played Dott, a wealthy socialite that inherited her husband’s book publishing company. Jean Smart played Elle, her best friend and one of the leading authors in the company; her specialty is trashy romance novels. Hilarity ensues as the two trade quips about fashion, high brow living, and the like. It really pushed the envelope for the time; Jean Smart had works with CBS executives over how many times she would say “bitch” per episode. CBS eventually caved in confidence and despite decent ratings for the show, cancelled the series after 13 episodes.

The jokes push the limits of 1995-1996 television. This was a couple of years before TV episode ratings were introduced to the masses. There ranks everywhere from “Michael Jackson and George Hamilton passing each other on the color wheel” to “She died when a masseuse dislodged a blood clot in that poor old woman’s stovepipe legs and killed her” to Jean Smart’s Elle coming onto Dott’s 17-year old Young Republicans (and very hot) son.

There are VHS copies of copies quality episodes (usually hacked into three pieces) on YouTube, but the Internet Archive has all 13 episodes in decent quality. It’s high camp and the series becomes a little uneven as the episodes go on as CBS tweaked and tried to “soften” the series a little bit. Things to look for: Mary McDonnell occasionally turning away from the camera laughing, Doris Roberts playing a mom in a later episode, and Jean Smart camping it up to 500%.

A fun little escape, sweetie.


I’ve been following folks without abandon on Instagram lately. Here’s a picture of Tom Holland (the latest Spider-man, among other things) foaming at the mouth. He seems bewildered by the acts of shaving.


Photo from Instagram.

In case you can’t tell, that’s 1980’s pop sensation Taylor Dayne in the middle of the photograph. She’s had some work done and her lips are very shiny and taut, but that’s her. This photo was taken at the Trump New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-lago. Notice no one in the photo, or the background of the photo for that matter, is wearing a mask. It’s part of the tradition of the Trumps hosting a Coronavirus Super Spreader Event. Taylor will probably have a GoFundMe page by the end of the month asking for her fans to help out with her medical bills.

I haven’t figured out if Taylor Dayne was a paid participant at this MAGA Brouhaha or if she paid the $1,000 fine to go as a guest. Reports vary. Also at the party was Terri Nunn of the musical group “Berlin”, probably best known for their song from the “Top Gun” soundtrack. I have confirmed that Terri Nunn did perform at the event. She sang the famous “Take My Breath Away” at a Coronavirus Super Spreader Event where there’s a really good chance that at least some of the population will be on ventilators by the end of the month. You can’t make the depth of this irony up. The fact that a group named “Berlin” was at a MAGA event is just the cherry on top of this pile of idiocy.

Both Ms. Dayne and Ms. Nunn make a living appearing at LGBTQ+ Pride Events across the world. Folks from all spectrums of the rainbow cram the streets to watch both of these women perform on makeshift stages wrapped in alcohol company logos to hear them croak out their tracks from 30+ years ago to a DAT Tape (I know “DAT Tape” is redundant) being pumped through very large speakers, as folks much younger than their songs gyrate with their abs and other assorted body parts poking through glitter-fied body suits. As a former member of the Radio Corporate Machine, I can safely say that I know Ms. Dayne and Ms. Nunn make a decent amount of cash to appear, but they talk about that being secondary because they’re really there for the LGBTQ+ fans. The check that could buy a car is just secondary to their cause, their purpose, their mission. They sing and perform from the heart.

Except they don’t. Because anyone with a heart or love for the LGBTQ+ community would not be paying to attend or being paid to perform at a Trump New Year’s Eve party at Mar-A-Lago with a bunch of maskless, ghoulish future corpses at a MAGA Super Spreader Event.

Look, back before Trumpism replaced decent Republican behavior I could easily see both sides of the political spectrum. Any human being with a decent moral foundation doesn’t profess their love for the LGBTQ+ community and then start accepting money from or paying money to Trumpists to go to a party in the middle of a global pandemic that has killed 1.84M people world wide, with over 350K of those deaths taking place right here in the United States.

I sincerely hope Taylor Dayne and Terri Nunn will both be overlooked by Pride Committees when we’re allowed to have such events again, because their professions of love and support of the LGBTQ+ community are weak. They’re not there to support the cause, they’re there to collect a paycheck. Nothing more, nothing less. There are artists much more caring and giving to the LGBTQ+ community worthy of our attention. Taylor and Terri are fakes.

Shame on both of them. And don’t support their impending GoFundMe campaigns. They obviously both have the money.


I’ve been watching clips of the revival of “One Day At A Time”, which premiered back in 2017 and was canceled after four seasons (three on Netflix, one of Pop!) in December. The show is really good. I don’t know why the show was canceled, but I look forward to catching up on the seasons.

Todd Grinnell plays Schneider. In this incarnation he owns the building. Admittedly, Todd is quite feast for the eyes. Enjoy!


Kylie Minogue’s new album “DISCO” dropped this week and I’m just starting to listen to it on Apple Music.

We must always whet our appetite with this video before listening to new music from Kylie.

Because I am way gay, here’s a bunch of men dancing to “Get Outta My Way”. I have my favorite of the bunch.