I am mentally exhausted tonight. I am in bed early. For our mutual enjoyment, here’s a picture of Roger C Carmel in bed. Because he’s hot and had an enjoyable mustache. 

More Than A Quarter of a Century.

It’s official. My husband and I have been married for more than a quarter of a century. Today we are celebrating 26 years of wedded bliss and honestly, I don’t know where the time has gone.

We are going out to dinner this evening at a nice place called Commoner and Co. here in Tucson. We may go shopping beforehand.

As long as we’re together, I’m good.

Extra. Extra.

I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy watching extras employed in a movie or television series. Some of them overact, some of them underact, and some are just a delight to look at.

I spotted this extra in a scene in “The Devil Wears Prada” years ago (I’ve always been a fan of the Miranda Priestly character). I actually think I spotted him in a deleted scene that I saw on YouTube or something. I don’t know anything about him and his name isn’t listed in the credits in IMDB, but he is a delight to look at.

Real Ads.

I think Instagram has finally figured me out with their ad algorithm.

Man Size Love.

I’ve posted this video before, but this song has been hanging out in my brain for a few days.

This track was released the week I graduated from high school, and I remember cranking it up on the radio in my 1978 Plymouth Sapporo while I was driving alone along the shores of Lake Ontario. At the time it was a song that I wouldn’t really sing along with in public, as a few years earlier I found myself singing in the hallways at school, “because we are living in a material world…” and before I could finish, an older student named John asked if I was a material girl. I stopped singing pop songs between classes for a little while because of that.

From 1986, here’s Klymaxx with “Man Size Love”.


Who knew Endora’s spell to make Darrin extremely vain would turn him into such a queen? This episode of “Bewitched” has always been one of my favorite of the series. From season five, it’s episode #146 “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall”.

Pure Pop.

For some reason this track crossed my mind today and it’s been my ear worm for much of this Friday. Enjoy this song from 2006. It’s Jessica Simpson with “A Public Affair”.

The video is cute. It’s hard to believe this song is 15 years old.

Dancing In The Moonlight.

I miss “Xena”. Any feeble attempt at a reboot would be just that, feeble. Xena knew how to kick ass and she knew how to have fun.


My dad gave me a pair of work boots as a gift in 1990. I don’t remember the brand but they were your typical brown construction-type work boots and they were very comfortable. I loved them. In true 1990s fashion practices, I tended to wear my work boots with shorts in the summertime. I never stopped the practice.

Nearly two decades ago I bought a pair of black tactical boots at the local Army-Navy store. They were incredibly comfortable and I’ve worn them regularly up through yesterday. I’ve tried inserting support pads from to time, since they were starting to feel quite flattened out starting about a decade ago, but I ended up always going with the original boot configuration. Yesterday the zipper on one of the left boot gave up the ghost. I knew this day was coming and on Friday I had ordered a replacement pair. The original boots were made by Magnum, the new boots are made by S.W.A.T.

They are incredibly comfortable. I think I’m going to go back to wearing these tactical boots more often.

Last photo of the old boots, taken at Windy Point on Mount Lemmon.

New boots on their inaugural outing in the driveway.