May 2024

New View.

A couple of years ago we removed the two palm trees that were part of the landscaping outside of my office window. The palms were not good for the dogs, and while we didn’t think the dogs would eat the palm trees (which would have been very bad), we removed the trees just to be safe. A neighbor gladly took the trees and planted them in their landscaping. They are doing well.

While this was a good move, it left room for a lot of sunlight to come through my home office window. I couldn’t open the blinds until well after lunch time, and when the blinds were open I felt very vulnerable. Anyone coming to the front door (delivery folks, etc) would often flap their hands in my direction instead of ringing the doorbell. I always found this odd.

I mentioned to Earl that I felt this way about my office and very much missed the landscaping. As a birthday present, he and I went and picked out a dog-friendly addition to the landscaping. It was installed this past Memorial Day.

The view from my office window has never been better and being able to have my blinds open for most of the day has done wonders for my mental health.

And here’s a couple of photos from installation day.

Landscape, Part 2.

Yesterday I shared a few photos from our drive back from Oklahoma, across West Texas, to the desert Southwest. Here’s a couple of photos taken last week while I was out on my storm chasing trip. These photos remind me of how much this part of the country intrigues me. I feel respect for these parts.


One of the biggest reasons I go storm chasing for a week each year is because the activity takes me to a part of the United States I really enjoy. There is something very endearing about the Great Plains for me, and I relish every opportunity I get to travel out in those parts. I suppose it’s part of my fairly rural upbringing. While many don’t understand the appeal of “Flyover Country” (a term I really find to be unfair), I feel very comfortable in those parts. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Here’s a couple of shots from Oklahoma and Western Texas as my husband and I made our way back home to the Southwest this past weekend.

Storm Chasing Video: Eldorado, Oklahoma.

This 16 minute video recaps my recent storm chasing adventure in western Oklahoma. The tornado on Thursday, May 23 in Eldorado and Duke was the most impressive twister I’ve encountered; and the hail storm afterward was interesting as well.

White Sands.

We are home. After a pleasant drive from Roswell, N.M. to Tucson, we are safe in our home in the desert and it has been a glorious storm chasing experience. There’s much to come over the next week or two. I have dozens of hours of video to go through.

On our way through New Mexico we stopped at White Sands National Park. It was my second time there but my husband’s first time at this famous park. Folks were sledding and sliding like it was piles of snow everywhere, but it was warm and sunny and beautiful. It is truly a spectacular place.

We stopped at the Visitor’s Center on our way in, perused the small museum, and purchased a Camelback water bottle so we’d have extra water on board in the park. It was a smart thing to do.

‘Twas a very nice adventure to bring the vacation week to a close.


Truman and Lucky have always seemed to enjoy relaxing together since Lucky and Jinx moved in over two years ago. While all three of them get along quite well, Truman seems to be more comfortable with spending time with Lucky from time to time.


I have dozens of hours of storm chasing video footage to edit over the next couple of weeks. This moment captures the excitement, energy, and happiness I feel while out chasing storms. Successful chases involve planning, an understanding of weather and science, and a whole lot of luck. I was asked tonight by a guy from Elk City, Okla. if I was an “adrenaline junkie”. Perhaps a bit, but the awe, majesty, and sheer power of Mother Nature is what I find most inspiring. When my time comes and I’m at the Pearly Gates, I want to say “I experienced all I could experience, I used all the gifts you blessed upon me, and I did it with a whole lot of passion”.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Earl arrived in OKC Wednesday night. The plan was I would meet him on Friday, with hopes that the storms took me in that direction.

Mother Nature cooperated with our plan perfectly.

I was so happy to see him when I arrived this morning. We spent the day in Bricktown, having a couple of nice meals, chatting with some locals and other visitors, and just taking it easy together. Bricktown is wonderful; OKC has done a wonderful job in revitalizing what I assume to be a former industrial area. There are a few signs that COVID took its toll on the economy, but the energy seems to continue to move forward. I really like it here.

What a wonderful day. Tomorrow we start the trek back to Tucson.

Altus, Oklahoma.

This is going to be an abbreviated blog entry, as it has been quite a day. I will write more detail of today’s events in the coming days. Suffice it to say, I had my best tornado intercept thus far in my storm chasing career.

This is a large tornado that went through an unpopulated area near Eldorado, Oklahoma.

The twister pulled down a lot of power lines in the area, which made getting out of the storm a bit more tricky than anticipated.

I was in awe today. I also learned a lot today.