June 11, 2024


We finished up season three of “Hacks” on HBO Max. I definitely enjoyed this season of the show. I don’t know if I enjoyed it more than season two, because this new trend of releasing these short bursts of series with no rhyme or reason to timing kind of messes with my memory and I don’t really remember season two. But I liked the way season three went along. The screen time afforded to the supporting players seemed a bit more proportional to their importance to the story.

I was a little surprised at the amount of “very progressive awareness” with some of the storyline choices. Sometimes I feel like the writers were checking off boxes on a checklist, but for me it worked 99% of the time and I didn’t roll my eyes once. Maybe I’m just getting old. That being said, it was interesting to see two main characters of different generations having their take on key topics of that nature.

I’m purposely writing in a vague way and without any spoilers in case you want to watch the show. I absolutely think you should give it a go. And Max comes from with your AT&T cellular subscription! I don’t know why AT&T has buddied up with HBO Max but we live in a crazy country like that.