Video: Hiking Mount Lemmon.

I went on a birthday hike yesterday. Starting at the Summit Trailheads on Mount Lemmon, I explored the Meadow and Mount Lemmon Trails. I also got a little philosophical in this particular video. Enjoy.

“I share what I see so you can see what I share”.

Video: The Wilderness of Rocks Trail.

Here’s my latest hiking video, this time along The Wilderness of Rocks Trail in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson.

I had a couple of “firsts” on this hike, including trying out new hiking boots (which are wonderful) and a man stopped me on the trail and told me I looked familiar. When we talked for a moment, he mentioned he thought he’d seen me on a video about hiking Mount Lemmon. That was awesome.

I think this link works for the boots on Amazon:

Hiking Mount Lemmon: Marshall Peak.

Our friend Stephen joined me on this week’s hike. We started out at Marshall Gulch on the south end of Summerhaven and did the Aspen and Marshall Gulch Trails, passing over Marshall Peak along the way. It was a great day for a hike.


As you can tell by the posts here on this ancient bloggy thing, I’ve been making a lot of videos lately. I enjoy sharing these videos with folks via YouTube and then subsequently posting these videos through the various social media outlets. I’m not in it to make money; it’s an art endeavor.

Apparently the YouTube algorithm, which makes or breaks influencers on a daily basis, doesn’t like my cavalier, “I’m not going to shock you with my thumbnail” approach. Either that or folks just don’t care for videos of a 55 year old man climbing mountains and popping in and out of frames like Paul Lynde on “Bewitched”. Though, I tend to think of my witchcraft presentations to be more along the lines of Maurice Evans on the series.

I’m having fun and that’s first and foremost on my priority list. I’d really like to make other people smile or at least forget about their worries for some moments with my “art”. If you know someone that’d be interested, feel free to share.

Hiking Mount Lemmon: Aspen Draw-Aspen-Marshall Gulch Trails.

Here’s my latest hiking video! This weekend I hiked up from Summerhaven again. I hiked the Aspen Draw trail again, but then went down the other side of the ridge along the Aspen and Marshall Gulch Trails. This was a fun point-to-point hike as Earl was waiting for me at the Marshall Gulch Picnic Area.

I’m trying to get these videos out there simply because I like sharing my adventures and I hope viewers enjoy the experience as much as I do. If you know someone that may enjoy, please send them to my channel!

Tanque Verde Ridge Trail Hike.

I’m finding my groove with my hiking videos and the approach I’m taking to video editing and design in general. Not only am I enjoy the hikes, I’m also really enjoying sharing my experiences in this way.

In this age of Constant Chaos, especially in too many areas of the Internet, I feel a positive contribution like this helps keep things at least approach some sort of equilibrium. I hope you enjoy this latest venture with me. Photos follow the video in this post.

Camera Test.

Earl and I went for a sunset walk in Saguaro National Park East. I decided to bring the new GoPro MAX camera along to see how well and efficiently I could capture footage, enjoy the moment, upload the footage when I got home, and put together a quick little video. Here’s the results. The brand new selfie stick didn’t survive the ordeal. I’ll be repairing that later this week.


So I’m thinking of starting to make flight videos again. I love sharing my enthusiasm of aviation in any way possible, and since I’m actively learning new skills as a pilot this year, it might be fun to share the experience through video again.

I’ve spent the past two hours building a new version of my “Intro Sequence”. There’s a little bit of old and a little bit of new in this clip, but I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Final Cut Pro X has some bugs in it, though. You have to cajole the application to add simple transitions at random times. I don’t know why that remains a difficulty in video editing software in 2019.

Perhaps I like quick transitions too much.