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52 MPH.

[Blizzard Beach]

Today Earl and I ventured over to Blizzard Beach. The newest and one of two water parks here at WDW, one of the star attractions is Summit Plummet, the world’s tallest and fastest free-fall body slide.

I took the plunge on Summit Plummet (after a 60 minute wait in line), whereas I yelled all the way down and reached 52 MPH. The youngster that went before me was dead silent on the way down and reached 61 MPH. He and I chatted while we were waiting. He was visiting from Perry, Ontario.

Earl and I also horsed around in the pool a little bit and conquered several of the other water slides together.

Tonight we are going to a luau.

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  1. LOL, that brings back memories. I went and when my buddie got up to the top we asked the guy how fast you go. He said you hit about 60 Mph but you big fellas will hit closer to 70. It was a great ride.

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