March 22, 2007

Pre-Weekend Jam.

I was bopping around “YouTube” tonight and came across a track from 1990 or so that I used to go crazy over.

Here’s Lizette Melendez and “Together Forever”.

Oh, in the “let’s reveal something about our past department” I used to dance to this song (much like the dancers in this video), in nothing but Fruit of the Looms and a leather jacket, on a big speaker at a bar called “Citi” in Boston. How’s that for fun?

A Spark Becomes A Flame.

A couple of days ago I mentioned that I used to be a tuba player and that perhaps I’d like to start playing the tuba again. A few said I should go for it and find a band to play with and my mother suggested I should look into joining my alma mater’s alumni band.

The Alumni Band only did one gig – in 1996.

Until this year.

I’ve started the ball rolling on getting an Alumni Marching Band together for my hometown’s Field Days (think town festival) in August. There’s already been considerable interest.

I think I’ve found my “keep busy” activity for the summer and I’m wicked excited about it.