Fun and Games Dept

Wind Down.

I’ve gotten in the habit of sitting on our roof for about 10-15 minutes before heading to bed. The desert winds are amazing at this time of year. Still kicking up to nearly 20 MPH, the breeze is warm and makes a lovely sound as it passes through the landscape. I find it comforting. After thunderstorms I am most impressed by wind when it comes to Mother Nature’s activities.

On my walk earlier this evening I saw eight dots moving across the sky in different directions. Undoubtedly satellites, I usually see only one or two at a time. Seeing eight ear unusual to me. Inspiring, but unusual.

New Look.

I love these inexpensive online eyeglasses places, like Zenni Optical. I’m trying a new look inexpensively.


I’m sitting on our roof looking at the incredibly clear night sky. The stars are quite beautiful. I’m using an old app on my iPad called “Star Walk 2”, trying to figure out what I’m looking at on this celestial evening. A couple of coyotes are making some noise in the distance.

Always look up.


It’s the kind of night I love. A gentle, warm wind. Temperatures well above 80°F. No moon. Lots of stars nearby, but lighting all around on the horizon.

I’m already looking forward to my next storm chasing week in 2023. Mother Nature never fails to impress me.

Stormy Weather.

We had dinner with Matt and Homer tonight. We went to a casual Mexican place right around the corner from Homer’s house. It was a beautiful night so we walked to the restaurant. We were just finishing up our dinner when a thunderstorm moved in. We talked as the thunder boomed and the rain came down. It was raining pretty hard for quite a while. Homer and I decided to walk back to his house in the rain so I could get the car and pick up Earl and Matt and get them home in a less wet manner.

We had a very nice time this evening. It’s always fun getting together with the two of them.


As a bit of a nostalgic kind of guy, I’m in the habit of watching “Password” from the 1960s while writing code for work. I love the manners and classy behavior of the celebrities and the guests on this show, and the simplicity of the game. It’d be later years when we’d have “alphabetics” and “Super Password” and the like. Here the players alternate through ten tries to guess the Password and the winner of the round goes to play the “Lightning Round”.

Betty White met husband Allen Ludden on this show, it’s fun to see Mrs. Ludden exude her “sparkling personality”, as it’s described during her introduction.


So we’ve been watching “Uncoupled”, starring Neil Patrick Harris, on Netflix. It’s an eight episode series and it was released a few months ago. We’re just catching up.

The reviews on IMDB are unnecessarily brutal.

Some compare it to “Sex And The City”. I’ve never seen “Sex And The City”, other than the spoof of it starring Bea Arthur and Charlotte Rae, so I can’t make a comparison. It takes place in New York, the main cast seems to be quite affluent and many of the gays remind me of the gays we encountered back when we lived in Chicago.

Is the show perfect? Not by a long shot, but it’s light and airy, and has a very casual feel to the cinematography that I really enjoy. We have two episodes left in our viewing adventure and I’m looking forward to them. It’s a fun little show!


Sometimes I take a photo to remind myself of what I want to write in my blog. Apparently I didn’t do that today, so here’s a selfie from a local restaurant called “Serial Grillers”.


Wrapping Up.

Monsoon season is winding down in these parts. The weather forecast talks about dry weather and seasonal temperatures for the foreseeable future. I enjoy the rains of the Monsoon and the ferocity of Mother Nature, except when it penetrates the wall and roof of the house.