March 2, 2007

Get Happy.

Tonight’s Friday Night Jam is one of my favorite tracks. It reminds me of spring and just gives me a happy feeling all over.

Enjoy The Stellar Project and “Get Up, Stand Up”. Unfortunately, it’s a shorter version that what I’m used to but what can you do. If this was around during my radio days it would have been on the station 110+ times a week (once every 90 minutes or so). Our thanks to YouTube.


After a night of rain, ice, sleet, wind, falling tree limbs and power brownouts, I stepped out onto the porch to get the mail and was welcomed with a glorious blue sky, bright sunshine and temperatures in the mid 40s.

I can see the pavement in the driveway!

More importantly, the birds are singing.

And so is my heart.

I’m ready for spring.