Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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Earl and I paid a visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom today. As I mentioned before, Animal Kingdom is one of my favorite places at WDW and today just solidified that fact.

Can I just say that I love the FastPass system that Disney has on their more popular attractions. It’s so easy. You just insert your park ticket or room key and out pops a little ticket that tells you when to come back to the attraction, usually with a window of an hour. Then there’s little to no wait as you jump into the FastPass lane at the attraction. By doing this, you avoid spending time in longer lines when you can be out exploring other parts off the park.

With this visit was our first experience with Expedition Everest. It was best roller-coaster type ride we’ve been on in a long while.

I also enjoy going over to Conservation Station. Here you can learn about what you can do to keep the Earth “eco-friendly”, plus there’s a petting zoo where I enjoy chatting with the animals.

We also went on the safari ride and enjoyed the “Flights of Wonder” show (featuring various birds doing natural bird-like things, including a parrot that sang “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.) After the 4:00 p.m. parade, Earl and I headed back to our home at Saratoga Springs, where we are now relaxing a bit before heading over to the Boardwalk for dinner at the Flying Fish.