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Weather Or Not.

I took a few moments to finish up a project I’ve been wanting to do. Using an extra webcam, an old blue and white PowerMac G3 and some nifty software, may I take a moment to introduce our “weathercam”.


This is a view of our backyard. Why did I do this? Because I can.

MacBoy Activate!

jpnearl.com is up and down like a yo-yo again today. I’ve been trying to post a blog entry, complete with pictures, since 9:00 a.m. this morning and have not been successful. I find this frustrating. Hopefully things will be better tonight.

We’ve used this hosting company for a long time. I think I’m ready to move to a new company though, at least for this site. Since I’m such a Mac Fan, I really want to move to a hosting company that uses Mac-based servers. Not that I have anything against Linux but if I’m going to drink the kool-aid, I might as well drink it in gallons.

So I apologize if the site has been wonky for the past couple of days. I hope to have the problem fixed soon.