Lock 20.


So I’m finally working from home again today. I feel like I’m back on schedule and that’s a really good feeling.

I made myself a healthy lunch and have found my way to nearby Lock 20 on the Barge Canal. This is a park that is maintained by volunteers. It’s a popular spot with the locals and it is usually in really good condition. I’m watching two boats go through the locks as we speak. The first (pictured above) is a dinner cruise boat headed farther east to start the dinner and sightseeing season. The second is a little fishing boat with two guys on it. I don’t know where they’re headed.

I sometimes pay too much attention to the noise in the world and don’t stop and take a moment to realize the nifty things that we have right in our backyard. In a geeky way it’s cool to have a canal lock a mile or two from the house. It’s a good place to relax for lunch hour. Cycling seems to help me bring my awareness to the hear and now back to the forefront of the clutter that is in my brain.

And I smell lilacs as I type this. I can’t find a lilac bush on a quick glance around, but I can definitely smell them. My favorite flower, the scent of lilac reminds me of Grandma City. I’m smiling like a little kid right now, all because I took the time to appreciate the hear and now and then smell the flowers.

Little things make life grand.