May 20, 2013

Bachelor Week.

So Earl and Jamie left for Chicago this morning. They are off to start the ball rolling for Jamie’s move to the Windy City later this year. Earl has more vacation time available than I do so I’m going to meet up with them this coming weekend. He’s also going to be doing some work while he is out there so it’s all good.

This makes me a bachelor for the week.

Bachelor Mode has typically included a supper of soup and popcorn every night and being a complete geek about the house. I think my focus this week will be on getting some extraneous chores done as I have had things sitting on my to-do list for a while now and haven’t found the energy or motivation to do them. It’ll be easy to embrace my loner tendencies and get some of these things done.

With the marvels of modern technology, Earl is just a FaceTime call away, so it’s not like I’ll be lonely or anything. Actually, I will be lonely because that’s the way I can be, even though I’m on a loner, but with the little projects I have planned I’ll at least keep my mind occupied.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even write in my blog a little more. And share some cat photos. Because it’s always good to share cat photos.