The Cleaning Out The Closet Thing.

Slut Jeans., originally uploaded by iMachias.

Earl and I have been busy cleaning out our closets this weekend. I’ve needed new work clothes for a while, but I was told that I couldn’t buy any new clothes until I cleaned out at least 20 items from my closet. It turns out I cleaned out over 60 items in my closet, as I decided to go crazy and throw out anything I hadn’t worn in at least a year or more.

One particular group of items that I got rid of was my safety net or my “fat clothes”. This wide (no pun intended) selection of clothes was from my days when I was 40 pounds heavier. I no longer have a need for them so there’s no sense in having them there as a safety blanket for the occasion where I might gain some of my weight back. I think this helps my subconscious mind get into the groove that I’m sticking to that whole healthy thing so out they went, along with many t-shirts, jeans and other odds and ends that I won’t wear anymore.

We ended up shopping at JC Penney for new clothes as they were having a sale that involved buying a pair of pants at regular price and getting any regularly priced shirt for a dollar. That was a really good deal. I have a new selection of clothing that I’ll be modeling over the next couple of blog entries. No longer will I have to wear khakis that have a fringe on the bottom from excessive wear and I have banished any and all pleats for the remainder of my life.

One extra bonus of cleaning out the closet was that I found my old “slut jeans” from my disco bunny days. I never thought they would fit as they are from an era when I had a size 31 inch waist but lo and behold, I was able to get into them without any sort of leaping and still be able to breathe. It was a very close call and they’re certainly not ready for primetime again by any stretch (ha, such wit!) but all snaps, buttons and zippers that were on them when I put them on were still in place when I took them off.

And there was much rejoicing.

Here’s a full on ass shot for those that couldn’t believe that I could bend over in these things.1

Ass Shot.

1 Nah, I’m just an attention whore.