May 8, 2013

This Is Water.

Today, of all days in my adult existence, I needed to see something that would be a game changer. After a rough start to the day and some intense conversation, I needed some sort of glimmer of, well, something.

And then the universe led me to this.

Please take 10 minutes to watch this if you feel so inclined.


The community task group team at work is having a fundraiser today. For just $5.00 we could enjoy a picnic lunch of two hot dogs with onions and/or meat sauce, potato salad, chips, a drink and a cookie. I love it. In fact, I rearranged my in-the-office schedule this week so I could participate. I can never resist a good hot dog from the grill and helping out worthy causes is always a good thing. I believe this month’s effort benefits one of the local youth cancer support groups.

One of the things that I like about the company I work for is that efforts like these are absolutely encouraged. We all need to be helping each other when and where we can and even little efforts like these can make a big difference. I always try to support the community team when I can.

Sometimes a little thing can bring a big smile to someone’s face.

Don’t Diss.

I have to admit that this is kind of awesome in a way, but really sad in other ways. Either way, don’t diss the Kiss Cam.


This whole “seeing the sunrise” thing is kind of cool. Invigorating, really.