UA 54.

So Earl, Jamie and I are sitting on UA 54 on our way home from San Francisco. I just waved out the window at our friends Tim and Gordon in Cheyenne, Wyo. It helps to be a road/map geek. I can sometimes spot a city from the air. The map on the monitor in front of me helps a bit.

According to the rotating display in front of me, the air temperature is currently -57ºF. For some reason this doesn’t seem right to me. That’s damn cold. But, I’ve never been outside of an aircraft at this altitude so perhaps it is that chilly.

I have been watching the passengers mill about the cabin for the distancia recorrida of 1585 Km. There is one particular woman who became cranky when the flight attendant wanted to get around her as she just stood in the aisle. The cranky woman wasn’t going anywhere in particular, she was just standing there. Perhaps she was looking for an ATM or a bus or something. She didn’t head to the wash room and she didn’t look to concerned about being seated, she just kind of hung out and looked crabby. I took a picture of the back of her head and posted it on Instagram (actually, it will post to Instagram when we have wifi again) because I think it’s rude to post a person’s face unless they’re hot and she’s not hot.

For a while I watched another United plane fly alongside us, about four miles off our wing and probably 2000 feet lower in altitude. It then veered under us and headed off somewhere else.

We are flying on a Boeing 757. While our flight to San Francisco had DirecTV available, this plane does not. We have touch screens that have movies on demand. I’m declining the offer, opting to listen to music and answer emails and write blog entries instead. Jamie is napping and Earl is watching a movie. I don’t know what he is watching. Since we have our own “family row” on this trip, I’ve spread out a little bit and am enjoying typing on the keyboard I brought along for the trip. It’s much easier than trying to type on an iPad keyboard.

San Francisco was absolutely lovely. We made new friends, met a few that were online only friends but unfortunately we did not have the opportunity to meet everyone we wanted to meet. I think we need a couple more weeks in San Francisco to meet everyone we wanted to touch base with. We’ll have to go back soon.

Cranky ugly sat down with a haughty huff. It was hard to discern the haughtiness through the puckered facial expressions, but when you’re a people watcher, you get better at these things. I hope she’s more pleasant at home. It would suck to go through life in a constant cranky state.