July 10, 2012


So the geek in me has been doing some cleaning up of my computing habits over the past couple of days and I suddenly remembered that I had a Flickr account. Ok, I admit that I hadn’t completely forgotten that I had a Flickr account but I hadn’t used it in a while. I got bored with taking a photo of myself everyday and posting it, because while in many ways I am quite vain, I don’t think of myself as the photogenic, so maybe I’ll find another way to do a photo-a-day thing, maybe starting with my birthday or something.

So I posed the question Twitter as to whether folks still used Flickr or not and the response was a definite yes. One of the issues that I have with using Flickr is that they haven’t released an official iPad app. I tend to post photos on Instagram these days, and while I have the option to send my photos to Flickr in the process, I don’t like my Flickr photos to be cropped in the same manner as my Instagram photos are. I guess I’m just strange like that.

Now that I think about it, I have photos shoved all over the place on the internet in an attempt to reach people that I think would be interested in seeing my photos. There’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, this blog and Flickr. I also have photos on Google+, Tumblr and there’d probably be some still on TextAmerica if that service was still around. TextAmerica was a service that you sent your photos too from your flip phone – back in 2003 or so.

I guess the issue is that I don’t have one place I can put all the photos I want to share and have them be seen by all the people that might have an interest in them. Some people are on Facebook, others wouldn’t be caught dead on Facebook. Some are on Instagram, others find that too elite. A few folks are on Google+ but lately everyone over there hates anything or anyone that has any sort of interest in Apple products and quite frankly, as much as I say I’m going to switch to Linux full-time someday, I really don’t have the energy, stamina or lack of social engagements on my calendar to devote the time required to get a Linux workstation working to my liking.

Getting back to Flickr, I think the lack of an iPad app is what has impeded me from posting photos to that service. Maybe I should get to know iPhoto on the iPad so that I can easily get photos to where I want them to go.

My gods this is definitely a first world problem.

As a breath of fresh air, here is a photo I took the other night from our back lawn. It’s being stored on Flickr.


If anyone has a suggestion as to what service I can use to get all of my photos to all of the places I want them to go, drop me a line in the comments section of this entry. As others can attest, I enjoy replying to each and every comment left here.

Funky Live.

Completely live, here’s Leo Sayer with “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing” from 1976. I remember listening to this song from the back seat of the ’71 Heavy Chevy.

And he did it without the ridiculous “in-ears” that folks on stage use these days. Yay for monitor speakers.


The official National Weather Service forecast has announced a high of 84F today with 0% chance of precipitation.

Weather.com has announced a high of 83F today with 0% chance of precipitation.

The weather app on Microsoft’s Bing, after it’s three crashes to a blank screen, announced a high of 84F today with 0% chance of precipitation.

It’s raining.