July 9, 2012


One of the more frustrating things about working at the office is that I have to wear pants. Now before you jump to any conclusions about my attire when I’m working at home, I have to tell you that I have always been a “shorts” kind of guy. I like wearing shorts, especially during these hot summer months, but I have been known to wear shorts during the winter as well. Shorts and a sweatshirt works well for me.

If I can’t wear shorts for whatever reason, I need to be barefooted. I drive back and forth to the office barefooted. I have heard that this is illegal in New York State (driving barefooted) but I don’t really know how the officer sitting in the median on the interstate, talking on his cell phone, is able to tell whether I am wearing shoes or not when I’m driving. So I break this supposed law and drive barefoot. It’s quite comfortable.

This is ironic, I suppose, because I tend to wear my jump boots when I’m wearing shorts. And wearing jump boots does not lend itself to being barefooted. But I like the way boots feel (not a sneakers guy at all). At work, where I need to wear pants, I wear my engineer boots. I love my jump boots and the thought of needing to replace them makes me a little sad.

My engineer boots are off right now, as I am sitting in the Jeep in the coveted shady spot while typing this. My feet are enjoying a sigh of relief.

When I first started working from home, I started out needing to wear shoes to feel focused. This necessity isn’t holding water anymore, because last week I worked at home whilst barefooted and I got a lot done. I do wear a shirt and shorts, though. I can’t imagine talking on a conference call while in my birthday suit. Not even on my birthday.

One of the things I absolutely love about my occasionally boot-cladded, sometimes barefooted feet is when I have the opportunity to enjoy a reflexology session by a skilled person good with feet. I had this a GREAT foot massage about a year ago in a mall outside of Denver. I think I might need to seek this out again (though getting to Denver might be pricey). I’m really big on massage. I wonder why I never looked into becoming a massage therapist. I know I enjoy getting massaged and I actually enjoy rubbing people (and seeing/feeling their energy as I am doing it).

It’s all about the energy. And that’s why I like being barefooted, so I am more grounded and closer to the energy of Mother Earth. When I am barefooted I tend to feel more free.

And then I ramble more.