July 31, 2012


So there’s a third season episode of “The New Adventures of Wonder Woman” called “Time Bomb”. In this episode, guest stars Ted Shackelford and Joan Van Ark play time traveling scientists from 2155; Joan wants to cash in on the capitalistic opportunities of late 1970s America and Ted is the inventor of time travel and needs to stop her. Of course, Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman does most of the stopping and there’s a bit of an attraction between Wonder Woman and Ted’s character. It always happens.

Aside from the fact that computers are apparently going to be very noisy in 2155 and decorating schemes are obviously going to go all to hell (see photo above), I bring up this episode because there’s an interesting bit of dialog that I have always kind of agreed with. Joan’s character is relaying how technological advances are slowed down because “The Council” (whatever happened to a Presidential figure in the future?) has deemed that no technology would be introduced to society if it was determined that it would have a significant impact to social norms. Once the cultural and societal ramifications were studied and determined, then new technology would be released to the masses.

I think that’s a groovy thing. I wish Joan and Ted were around when cell phones were being invented.

I just stood in line at the local Subway in an effort to order my lunch. In front of me was a young lady. I know that kind of wording makes me sound old, but she had to be only 16 or 17 years old. She was dressed seductively with shorts similar in cut to Wonder Woman’s 1970 costume shorts (less stars = more ass). Up to her ear was a smartphone. It looked like it was a Blackberry, appeared to be well worn and was decked right out in all sorts of bedazzlement.

The folks at the area Subways have put up signs that say “Please don’t talk on the cell phone while you’re ordering.” It’s politely worded. The font is friendly. There is no suggestion of reprimand, just a reminder of what folks should find to be standard manners.

Apparently the young lady can not read and does not comprehend standard manners.

As she giggled and carried on on her bedazzled Blackberry, she barked out things like “a foot long turkey!”. When the Subway assembly man asked her as to the type of cheese she would like, she clicked her tongue on the phone, said “hold on” and gave a stare at said Assembly Man before saying “American”. Luckily, she was able to indicate that she wanted her sub toasted before resuming her important giggling on the phone.

When it came to vegetable assembly, she continued barking out random items from a garden while talking on the phone before bringing the whole process to a halt and declaring, “oh! I want avocado!” Now if she had been paying attention to the matters at hand instead of talking to the remote, tinny, giggling sounds coming from her bedazzlement of wonder, this would not have messed up the assembly line, where subs were then rearranged, backtracked and reassembled.

All because she couldn’t put her phone down.

While I was observing all this merriment, I felt my phone vibrate it’s “text message!” pattern in my pocket. I did not bringing everything to a screeching halt to read said message, I waited until I had paid my money, assembled my large, unsweetened iced tea and sat down in the Jeep before proceeding.

Little Miss Short Shorts was still talking on her phone as she tried to carry her sub and drink on a tray. She almost ran down a woman in a walker but by god she was able to continue on her conversation.

Joan and Ted need to travel here from 2155, pronto, and show the world how much better it can be if we at least consider the societal impacts of technology before implementing it. Until that time, I fear that it’s only going to get worse.

I’m writing this to remind myself of this woman’s behavior, because I freely admit that there are times that I have had messed up priorities when it comes to using my phone.. As I try to better myself each day, a reminder of why I try to better myself is always a good thing.