July 14, 2012

The Wanna Write Conundrum.

I don’t know if this is actually a conundrum, because technically a conundrum needs an answer in the form of a pun. This is definitely a “first world problem”, as I’m about to somewhat complain about one of my technological arrangements that I am currently pondering. I know, many should be so lucky to have these problems.

I am typing this blog entry on Jamie’s laptop whilst sitting in a hotel room in Saratoga Springs. I didn’t bring a laptop, because I have pretty much relegated my 2008 MacBook Pro to being my DJ computer. Adding the additional stuff necessary to make a vibrant blog would bog the older MBP down too much. Plus, I like the ability to travel with just my iPad. I don’t have to worry about backpacks and all that; my iPad is available to me just about anywhere and pretty much fits all my needs.

Except when I want to write something, especially if I didn’t bring along an external keyboard.

Apple purists have a fit when someone mentions using an external keyboard with an iPad. They say that Steve didn’t design it that way and if we really need a keyboard, we should buy a MacBook Air or something similarly sized if we dare stray outside of the Apple Reality Distortion field. The truth of the matter is, when you’re capable of typing at nearly 100 words per minute, you’re going to find the iPad virtual keyboard on the screen to be quite frustrating. I know that there’s videos of people typing at nearly their native speed on the virtual keyboard, but they are people with less than 5% body fat and therefore have fingers that are bony (and usually kind of ugly without the accompanying hand makeup). My fingers move quickly but I find the experience of typing a blog entry directly on an iPad to be vexing. Frustrating. Not worth the effort.

This is a shame because there are times that I really just want to write, whether it be on my blog, in my journal or just to get my thoughts down in a text document. It’s what I do.

Here’s where the first world problem comes in.

On my lunch hour I have the bluetooth keyboard that is stored in the Jeep. The iPad (and cover) are draped over the steering wheel, the seat goes back to its farthest position and the keyboard sits on my lap. The problem with this, for travel outside of the Jeep, is that I need to remember to bring that keyboard along in my suitcase. I barely remember to turn off the lights in the house let alone grab a keyboard from the Jeep. But I definitely don’t want to incur the expense of another computer (besides, that would NOT fly with my budget views nor my husband’s views).

So, for folks that have an iPad, do you think that I should get one of those cases that comes with a keyboard and makes it look pretty much like a Macbook Air? Do you have any experience with one of these keyboards? I tried one like that a while back, but it was made of plastic and the keyboard was tiny. From what I understand, the new versions of these have full-sized keyboards and are quite sturdy.

Any recommendations would be most welcome.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled weekend in Saratoga Springs. If have included a link to all my Instagram photos in the menu bar across the top of the blog. Erik helped out with getting that working.