On The Air.

I went on a rather lengthy road trip today. As I explored various towns scattered far and wide, I opted to listen to podcasts on from my iPod. Most of these podcasts are technology driven however there are some that are not. All are enjoyable.

I don’t know if I’m getting older or if the times, they are a changin’, but I find listening to music and podcasts that I have selected to be considerably more enjoyable to anything that commercial radio has to offer these days. I tried listening to a Top 40 radio station and found it to be very repetitive and loaded with badly produced advertisements. I switched to a country station and it made my head hurt and it was loaded with poorly produced advertisements.

I hate ads. I hate bad commercials even more. With today’s technology you’d think that the ads would sound better than ever, but no, they sound bad: the voice is bad, the message is mediocre and the grammar is worse than mine.

Maybe I’m a little more critical than most because I used to write and produce commercials for a living.

Nevertheless, I believe that everyone should go out and buy something that resembles and iPod. Yes, the iPod is the cream of the crop as far as MP3 players go, but if you want a Zune, buy a Zune. If you want something else, buy something else. Just make sure you can load it with the the music that you have selected and crank up the tunes on your next road trip.

It’s wicked fun.