May 5, 2008

Home Stretch.

This is my final week of classes for the semester and words can’t express how thrilled I am by that fact. I have one remaining homework assignment due on Thursday and that is a take home exam for Professor Frightful and his cast of voices in the blackboard. My engineering classes are apparently ahead of schedule – we are taking the final for Surveying a week early and the corresponding lab has been canceled this week; my statics (physics for engineers) classes have been canceled for the rest of the week as well.

I’m enjoying this relative downtime this morning by washing the car and enjoying a pastry at our local Panera. The crowd here is relatively sparse which is something that I truly enjoy, aside from the fact that I have no one to comment on as I sit here and write this blog entry. Well, actually there’s a few woofsters in the food prep area that are worthy of a “woof” growled in their direction but I’ll refrain from doing that so as to not startle the women that are sitting between the counter and me. (Sorry, I was distracted from my intended topic for a moment).

I’m happy that this semester is winding down but I’m really looking forward to the fall semester. The classes will be more interesting and I shouldn’t have any math courses for the rest of my time at this school. Shouldn’t being the operative word of course. Let’s see how I do on this take home exam due on Thursday. It might just save me.