May 2, 2008

Blog Maintenance.

I’ve added a couple of links to the Blogroll (to your right, down below).  A hearty welcome to

PatIreland and
Planet Romach.

The last three are guys I met on Twitter. All of my site goodies are along the right column these days. Thanks for the e-mail compliments on the minimalist design of the site. I’ll be tweaking bits here and there over the weekend.

More Than 12 Inches.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I had been inspired by a recent DJ gig and have been busy this week selecting, downloading and tweaking new music for upcoming gigs.  Busy = over 175 songs this week.

Tonight’s crowd won’t know what hit them!

As I’ve been perusing charts and the sites and blogs of other DJs, I’ve noticed that each of them do as I do and occasionally post mixes on their site for all to enjoy. Many of them use a theme, such as DJ 50 Pound Note and his “Kiss The Future” series.

I’ve decided to name my mixes in a similar manner: “More Than 12 Inches”.

I think the name is quite catchy.

More Than 12 Inches, Volume 1 is now available.


Animal Tricks.

I found myself in a bit of a quandary this morning. As I tried to grab a few more moments of shut-eye and an incredibly fun dream I was having, I had a bedmate of the feline persuasion thinking differently of the situation. He chattered and chirped and ran around the bed like a maniac. I pushed him away a few times, he persisted. When that didn’t work, he jumped off the bed and then back onto the bed by leaping onto my back from the floor.

I now have a cat scratch across my back.

Our beloved son is tipping 14 years old and has all the energy of a cat less than half that age. How in the world do I train him when Daddy is sleeping not to go crazy? I suppose I could lock him out of the bedroom but then all I would hear is the destruction of the bedroom door.

In the meantime, I’m an obedient adult and I get the tuna out of the cupboard and into the dish on cue.