May 8, 2008

Random Thoughts Under The Sheets.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to lie in bed and play around on the computer at the same time. It’s quarter ’til 8 and Earl has been at work for an hour already. My morning classes have been canceled; apparently we’ve learned all the we are going to learn in those classes this semester. So I lie in bed surfing the internet. 

Is it unusual that I’ve been sleeping in the nude since I was 13 years old? I can’t imaging getting all suited up in garb just to go to bed. When I was a kid my mom would wake me up for school and there I’d be, bare ass hanging out from the covers. Even when I go camping and it’s 35 degrees and I’m in a sleeping bag; I’m still naked with a hat on.

My dreams from last night were a combination of school activity, camping and UFOs. It’s fun when your mind mixes unrelated topics together and presents a movie in your head that makes perfect sense when you’re watching it. I know the source of all the elements of the dream so I’m not surprised that my brain was trying to work it all out last night. It was entertaining and made for an interesting entry in my dream journal. I write in my dream journal almost daily. I’m finding that it’s rare to remember about 90% of your dreams like I do. 

When I was outside getting the mail yesterday afternoon a huge sonic boom shook every house and scared the hell out of Tom (he puffed up and went running on to the porch and scratched at the door to get in). I was standing in the driveway at the time. I could feel the boom as well as hear it and it popped my ears. NEADS (North East AirDefense Sector) is saying that the sonic boom was possible as there was a lot of air traffic but they are not confirming anything. The message boards for the local television station are telling all sorts of stories: everything from natural gas explosions to a technology test at the decommissioned (wink, wink) air force base going awry. One person explained that sonic booms are no longer possible because the Concordes no longer fly. What a dipshit.

I was tempted to drink a bunch of beer last night and try the remaining questions on my math take home test while I was drunk. I didn’t do that though. I drank iced-tea instead. It didn’t make any of the questions easier. I have two questions left. The test was designed for the 50 minute class period. As of 11:30 last night I had spent roughly four hours on the exam. I can’t wait for the excitement of the two day final next week. That’ll take me a month.

I suppose I should get up and start my day. It’s just that these blankets are so comfy.