May 6, 2008

A Good Start.

Today I took my first final exam of the semester. It’s actually the first part of my Surveying exam, with the second part scheduled for the same time on Thursday. My college eliminated finals week for the year as they thought grouping all of the finals into a “finals week” placed unneeded stress on students. Personally I find this approach to education to be ridiculous but as a student I can only go with the flow.

I’ve been doing well in my Surveying course so I wasn’t too worried about this final. We were told that today’s portion would be entirely multiple choice. I’ve been keeping up with the reading and homework and have received excellent grades and comments on my work so I felt confident with my understanding of the material. An hour before going into the exam I did one last crash of studying by reviewing the previous two multiple choice exams that we had taken.

Imagine my relief when I discovered that the first 20 out of 30 questions on the exam were one of those multiple choice exams!

The remaining ten questions were on material covered since the last exam. Several questions were similar to this one particular question on the final:

24. Is it possible for Joe to get this question correct?
a. maybe
b. voluptuous1
c. D*200 the included angle
d. squeaky chair

I feel really good about my performance on this exam.

1 ‘voluptuous’ was a choice on quite a few of the exam questions, including those questions geared toward design curves.