Where’s My Literary Twin?

I am a rabid fan of “Jump The Shark”. I occasionally amuse myself by reading through the American Idol entries. Here’s a particular entry that caught my fancy.

Wow. About halfway through this, the fourth, season you could literally feel all the air coming out of this show. There’s a UPI wire story in the papers today about how the ratings are dropping. Is anyone surprised? This show has become televised torture by tedium. The mildly talented contestants are about as exciting as warm milk; Randy can’t stop using the word “pitchy”; drugged-out Paula is as fatuous, inarticulate, and hideously dressed as ever; and Simon looks like he’d rather be having his teeth drilled. So would I. I’ve been to children’s funerals that were more entertaining than this show. What happened to the guest musicians? At least that was somewhat interesting. Now we’ve got the Sesame Street approach to programming: Songs from the ’60s, Songs from the ’70s; Songs from the ’80s; Songs from the ’90s… Who would have imagined that the show’s writers could count? What’s next? “Tonight, Live on American Idol, Songs with the Letter H in them!!!!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Someone out there thinks like I do. Scary! Now don’t miss the results show tonight!