One Ringy Dingy.

So with today being the last day of the spring semester (one more hour of finals remain) it was time to get down to some serious business and figure out what I was going to do for the summer. I had hoped for an internship with NYSDOT but after a great deal of prodding from me and my advisor it looks like that’s not going to happen.

I always analyse these things six ways from Sunday so I’m trying not to take that as a “sign” from the Universe.

Anyways, I’ve accepted a job back at my old gig, working in the Network Operations Center of the local telephone company. I’ve always enjoyed working with this group of people and with some recent changes in personnel there is some room for me in the scheme of things. I have to say that I am very (and somewhat surprisingly) excited about the opportunity that begins the day after Memorial Day. If I didn’t work this summer I’d be getting into wicked amounts of trouble so it’s best that I’ll be sitting at a desk earning a few bucks.

Plus, I like the gig and the people, so it all works out for the best.

Now, to learn Windows Vista so I can support it!