All News Is Good News.

Well today has been an interesting day in the life of this old college student. I just received my grades for the semester. While it was my worst semester as far as my grades go, I can say that I passed all of my classes including that blasted math class that I didn’t think I would pass. I’m glad I stuck it out for now I don’t have to take it again. Ever.

My GPA still gets me onto one of those lists that they like to print in the newspaper, so I am pleased. Since I’m going to be an engineer, I am happy to say that I aced my engineering courses. I consider that to be the most important.

Not only have I received my grades today but I also received a call from that internship program I thought wasn’t going to happen. I have an interview on Tuesday morning!

There’s hope for me yet.

The next challenge begins on Tuesday night when I start my summer course in the second half of Physics. I found focusing on one course during the last summer semester worked out really well for me and I intend to repeat the experience.