Almost time for bed, but I decided that I needed t…

Almost time for bed, but I decided that I needed to write in my blog before calling it a night.

I went for a really long bike ride today – about 35 miles around the general area. I purposely threw some steep hills into the mix to keep it interesting and to keep my legs in shape.

This afternoon and evening I decided to install RedHat Linux on my home computer, and I’ve been acclimating to that. It’s been a little bit of a challenge, but I’m enjoying it. Blogger isn’t working right, as I have a 3 line by 15 character window to type this entry in, but I think I’ll get that little bug worked out. If anyone reading this knows how to get my IBM Netcamera Pro working on Linux, I’d really appreciate the help. Please drop me a line at

Yesterday, Earl and I went on a leaf peeping ride through the Catskills and then we decided to go shopping at “The Galleria at Crystal Run” in Middletown. Since I’ve lost so much weight, I really needed to get new clothes. Earl said I could get some stuff only if I let him dress me. So now I’m going to work tomorrow looking like an absolute Fashion Plate – head to toe all new. I got these clunky shoes and everything. I usually get my clothes at Target or JCPenney, but this time I went to “Structure” and Filenes. Tres chic. 🙂 I’ll have to post pictures.