The Holidays. In Public.

Earl and I are en route to his dad’s house for the Christmas Eve celebration. We considered stopping at Chick-Fil-A for lunch on the way, but decided to stop at the local Borders Café and use the WiFi HotSpot to check e-mail and update the blog.

It’s all so T. Johnston.

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous, with temps slightly above 50 and the sun shining brightly. We have the dirtiest car in the area with all the imported Upstate N.Y. sand and salt on it. A stop at the carwash is definitely in order.

Rick and Helen bought us a beautiful orange juice pitcher from Crate and Barrel (I wish we had one of those nearby) and a gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma. We bought them bathroom towels and acoutrements. We are all turning into such homebodies.

Earl is talking to our friends Steve and Tim as I blog. Tim just reminded us to be careful driving home, especially through Bethlehem, Pa., he hears there’s wise men milling about.

We are jazzed about the parties that lie ahead. There’ll be lots of conversation and lots of food and the exchanging of good tidings. It all makes up for the chaotic pace we’re keeping up.

Merry Christmas to all!