December 22, 2005

White Christmas.

Earl and I have needed a little kick in the holiday spirit this evening. With trying to keep up with the rat race, we’ve found little time to just sit down, relax and enjoy a little Christmas joy for ourselves. So tonight we decided to snuggle up to the holiday classic, “White Christmas”.

All proper showings of classic movies deserve a little short to set the mood, so we first watched “A Vision of Sugar Plums”, the Christmas episode from the very first season of Bewitched.


In “Visions…”, Billy Mumy plays Michael, a bully of a boy that lives at the local orphanage that has come home with Darrin and Samantha for Christmas. He doesn’t have a very warm, fuzzy feeling for the holidays, believing its all a bunch of bunk. Samantha decides to convince him otherwise, and whisks him off to the North Pole, along with Darrin riding shotgun on her broom, so he can meet Santa Claus. After meeting Santa Claus, Michael starts feeling the holiday spirit, calms down a little bit and seems to move on to a well-adjusted life with the parents that want to adopt him (the father being Bill Daily, Major Healey from “I Dream of Jeannie”).

After Bewitched it was on to the main feature, “White Christmas”.

White Christmas

This movie is one of our all-time favorites. The cinematography is breathtaking (in Vistavision!). The musical numbers are most enjoyable and words cannot describe the amount of talent found in this movie. Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen are all incredible performers. They certainly don’t make movies like “White Christmas” anymore and Hollywood doesn’t seem to have the talent found back in the day. Watching “White Christmas” has inspired me to watch more classic movies this winter and I’m looking forward to snuggling up on cold winter nights to catch on some old chestnuts.

Tonight was just what we needed to fully get into the holiday spirit. Now I’m looking forward to catching “Bell, Book and Candle” sometime next week, another classic (and an inspiration for Bewitched) that takes place at Christmas.

Tomorrow we are off to Pennsylvania to kick off the annual Christmas tour. It’s going to be a grand weekend.

Holiday Rerun 2005.

I was looking at old files on our webserver here at and came across this little blog entry type thingee I wrote back in December 2001. For some bizarre reason, I was writing blog entries outside of my blog. I don’t recall why I was doing that, but nevertheless, if you’d like to take a look, here it is.

12/23/2001. The Chimes.

Home Sweet Home.

There are times, usually when the house is clean, that I just like to sit back and feel the ‘vibe’ of our home. (When the house is cluttered, the only vibe I get is the sound of coughing. “Dust me already!”) Being less than 10 years old, our walls don’t contain a lot of stories yet but I like to think there’s an amicable feeling in our home when someone walks in for the first time.

Last night was Earl’s company Christmas party. Like last year, we hosted the festivities again this year and everyone apparently had a delightful time. There was no punching or arguing, just delicious food, good drinks and friendly chit-chat. As my friend Shirley says, “it was dandy.” I got to play the “boss’s spouse” role which is always fun. “You only have to live with him eight hours a day, remember, I get the other 16, plus weekends.” I sometimes wonder if my sense of humor is a little whacked out for social gatherings, but I kept all my clothes on and I didn’t dance on the dining room table so I suppose I’ll be invited back next year.

It’s little gatherings like last night that make me appreciate our home all the more. Earl and I keep to ourselves quite a bit, but it’s nice to welcome others into our home from time to time.

It’s a nice opportunity to give the walls something more to talk about.