I have no idea what day it is today. Rumor has it that it is Friday and people are wearing jeans at the office today, but the fact that people are wearing jeans and the rumor that it is Friday aren’t necessarily related, because people wear jeans a lot. It saves on the dry cleaning, which in turn saves the environment which, among other things, gives our company the ability to say “we’re green!”.

I can’t really determine which day it is by using people bringing food into the office as any sort of barometer either, because I brought in food today. We all signed up for different days of the month to bring in food to share with the rest of the group so that we could have our own zip code by January 1. Earl has been out of town on business, so last night we had a discussion of where I was suppose to pour bags A and B into crockpots C and D and then slather with slathering stuff E and F. I have received several compliments on the swedish meatballs, sweet and sour meatballs and barbecued little weiners, so apparently I did something right. Perhaps I should change my DJ moniker to DJ Heat-n-Serve. I suppose it’s better than DJ Poppin’ Fresh. Both make me giggle.

I had yesterday off because I am on-call this week. I work tomorrow but I didn’t work Monday due to being in the greater Philadelphia region with my in-laws. I’m off next Tuesday, again, due to on-call and there are rumors that Christmas hasn’t arrived yet so I’m going to do all my non-online shopping on Tuesday. I also have a lunch appointment with our friend Mike, whom we haven’t seen in nearly a year, so that will be nice.

So I guess I am certain that today is Friday (hah, I just typed Tuesday and had to correct it) and that it’s still the tail-end of 2011. Spirits are good, I’ve just been in another, another world (as opposed to be my own little world that I’m usually in). Yesterday was spent with family and the weekend will be sort of revolving doorish with me working, determining if we still want to get a Christmas tree and the like. I can’t wait for everything to get back on track the day after I go shopping next week, where I will then work two days and have four days off for the Christmas weekend.

It’ll all make sense.

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