Fuel Up for Holiday Shopping.

I was hoping that I could get my Christmas* shopping done tonight, but there’s a few things I still need to pick up. I feel confident that I’ll actually have it done by the holidays though, and I’m pleased with what I’ve purchased.

A trip to our local mall is not complete without supper in the food court. Most food court meals are crap, but I really like the Flaming Wok here. Best sesame chicken this side of the Atlantic. I also have Bourbon Chicken there on the plate, they were apparently out when I asked for it, so the server walked over to the neighboring Cajun Café and put some of their Bourbon Chicken on my plate instead. I certainly hope they’re owned by the same company.

It’s not well known in these parts, but if you return your tray to the Flaming Wok, instead of leaving it on top of the food court trash cans, they’ll give you your fortune cookie.

* This whole “Christmas” vs “Holiday” thing that has gripped our country this season is driving me insane. I knew the day would come when the “stupid” would take over and this controversy is evidence of it. I can not believe people have the energy to get their panties in a twist over the nomenclature of the holidays. First of all, that fire trap in the corner is a “Christmas Tree”, not a “Holiday Tree”, and this is coming from a man that has leanings towards celebrating the arrival of the winter solstice this time of year. I’m not calling it a “solstice tree” for crying out loud and I’m not falling into an emotional heap when someone wishes me a Merry Christmas. I hope it is a Merry Christmas! Wishing someone a “Happy Holidays” should be taken in the spirit for which it was intended, not as a slap across the face because someone offended you by not saying “Merry Christmas”. On the other hand, renaming everything to be all politically correct is just dumb. “Oh, look at the pretty candlesticks in front of the synagogue!” All the bitching about what to call this time of “good will towards men” is making Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, this holiday season, whatever the heck you want to call it, much less merry.