Please! No Pictures!

Please! No Pictures!

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I came home for lunch and caught up on my e-mail and regular blog reading, like I usually do. Once in a while Tom will jump up on my lap and eye the PowerBook as a “nudge spot” but then think better of it. So I give him a few reassuring pets and then he jumps down and sits at my feet.

Today he was absolutely insistent that he park himself on my lap. So I tried to take a picture with the webcam before he got all settled, but he wasn’t having any of it. I snapped my fingers behind the cam to get his attention but no dice. This was the best that I could do.

He’ll do a lap dance, but “don’t take any pictures of the performers please!”

# # #

Earl is out of town until late tonight, so I’m going to wrap up Christmas shopping. We’re suppose to get a “wintry mix” tonight, it should keep the driving interesting. I’m going to bring along the camera and take somem pictures if I see anything interesting.