Still Fired Up About Judging Amy.

Every time I start going through my entertainment bookmarks and come across the “Judging Amy” message board, I get fired up about CBS’ cancellation of the series. So I fired off another letter to the company again today.

I’ve written several times regarding the cancellation of “Judging Amy” and I haven’t heard any sort of response. Not even an automated response to let me know that someone, somewhere in your organization has at least acknowledged the fact that A LOT of viewers are writing regarding the cancellation of “Judging Amy”.

I actively maintain a blog. I’ve posted a copy of my letter than I mailed to your company on my blog. I have received more comments on that letter than any other blog entry I’ve made since 2000. There is a huge population out there that is very disappointed in the cancellation of “Judging Amy”. And yet, you do not respond to any e-mails, written mail or other correspondence. Is this how you truly feel about your audience, that you don’t really care about their opinions?

Are there any plans to do a two-hour “wrap-up” movie? Even NBC is giving American Dreams the same dignity and that show was only on for three years. Are there plans to bring back “Judging Amy” in the fall?

I would appreciate some sort of response! I feel that you have made a terrible mistake with this decision. Unfortunately I no longer have anything to watch on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m.

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I know it’s just a television show. But, damn it, it was an intelligent television show with very good writing, very good acting and solid ratings. It was the one show on CBS that I still enjoyed. It comes to close to being the one show left on network television I still enjoyed. The cancellation of this show defies logic. Unbelievable.

What amazes me most is that I didn’t get this fired up about the cancellation of Wonder Woman back in ’79!