Well I conqured a milestone today on my bike ridin…

Well I conqured a milestone today on my bike riding. I participated in “Tour De Heart” – the American Heart Association’s bike ride for ‘Team Shania’. Shania is a little girl that lives in the Mohawk Valley who’s had numerous heart problems, has had three open heart surgeries (and she’s only three!), but despite the obstacles she’s faced – she’s full of energy and life! So they had a benefit ride for her today (this is the second year). The radio station I work for was a sponsor, so I decided this would be an excellent test of my cycling training I’ve been doing. We had our choice of 5, 25 or 50 miles. I went for the gold and signed up for the 50 mile ride. Oh my goodness. This was a workout. We began riding through the Ilion Gorge – a beautiful, yet twisty and UPHILL ride for about 9 miles. We then turned east. I started up this massive hill when my chain flew right off my bike. And it was pouring rain at the time. So I jumped on the sag wagon, where they took me about 2 miles up the road (and hill), to a relatively dry area. I popped the chain back on, which is something I hadn’t done since I was 16 years old or so, and was well on my way. Actually, I waited for the pack of riders to catch up with my jump in the sag wagon and rejoined them. Lots and lots of hills, but I rode them all. I fell behind again, and at the end of the 50 mile ride I was second to last, just shy of 4 hours. It felt great! Earl and I raised $360 for the ride, and come to find out we raised the most money. Very exciting. Later this evening, Earl and I drove the course so he could see what the ride was like, as he had stayed back at the park where the festivities were taking place. I was telling him that that’s my one disappointment about cycling – he doesn’t get to see where I go and what I do. He said maybe someday. 🙂

Tonight we watched Saturday night’s episode of Big Brother, courtesy of TiVo. I must say that I’m enjoying this year’s crowd. Earl is constantly watching the live feeds while we’re upstairs in the wreck (computer) room. I think he’s enjoying it as much as I am! I sometimes think the whole three month thing is a little too long, but we’ll stick with it this year.

Got an incense burning as I type this. It’s relaxing me quite a bit. Must be the opium scent. 🙂

I threw my shoulder out Wednesday night during my bike ride and it’s been popping in and out and hurting me a little bit. Last time I saw the doctor about it, he just gave me pain pills and said it seemed fine. One of the reasons I’m not going to the doctor anymore. I believe more in the alternative therapies anyways. Maybe I should get my butt to a chiropractor or at the very least a masseuse. Problem is, insurance will only cover it if my primary physician refers me – but my primary physician doesn’t really believe in the alternative therapies. Maybe I need to find a new primary physician!