August 26, 2005

Day Off.

Today I am taking some well deserved (if I do say so myself) comp time and enjoying a relaxing day off. While I thoroughly love my job, there’s something very special about being home without obligation while your peers are working dutifully at their desks. So I slept in until 8:30 or so, watched “Designing Women”, “The Golden Girls” and “The Nanny” on Lifetime. I know, the picture is not complete with bon-bons and a housecoat, but I settled for pop-tarts and naked. I’m not a huge fan of “Designing Women” or “The Nanny”, but I do love “The Golden Girls”. I truly believe it will go down as one of the best sitcoms in the history of television. It did get a little ridiculous towards the end of the run, and yes The Golden Palace is a little painful to watch, but the first five seasons or so were spectactular.

Actually, I’ve been quite productive this morning and I’m finding the whole affair quite surprising. Earl and I are going camping this afternoon and he left me a small, quaint “honey do” list on the kitchen table. I’ve gone beyond what was required of me and have collapsed (in a good way) the camper, packed up the Jeep and purchased some supplies we keep saying we’re going to buy for the camper but never do. (Any excuse to go shopping is fine by me.)

Yesterday Earl had business to tend to in Buffalo, but he took the time to stop by the Apple store and pick up a couple of the new Mighty Mice. I use a mouse on my PowerBook when I’m working at my desk and I must say that I love my new Mighty Mouse. I’ve kept it in single button mode, because the whole two button mouse paradigm is so “Windows” but I’m loving the little scroll wheel and the side buttons to make OS X’s Exposé pop up. A nice little addition to the Mac line-up.

Now I need to get back to my chores so that we’re already for our camping adventure at Hillside. I’ve even remembered to pack the Sony digital camera so I can take some pictures!

It’s amazing what a little extra sleep can do.