Stormy Weather.


In four hours I will be awoken by the sound of an iPhone alarm that is desperately trying to be cheerful. We have a long drive to our next destination ahead of us and since I am a control freak, I will be doing all the driving.

But it is storming like crazy right now and I want to be out driving in it.

I know, I’m crazy.

My dreams thus far tonight have had thunder in the background regardless of the scene I’m dreaming about. The rain hitting the hotel window has awoken me a couple of times. Not wanting to wake up my husbear nor wanting to put on any clothes, I am typing this blog entry on my iPhone whilst sitting on the floor of the bathroom. Yay for the familiar Hampton Inn room layout.

I’m going to try to sleep again in just a moment but I’ll probably still be mesmerized by the strobe light like lightning.

All we need is a disco ball.

Blog entries written in the middle of the night on an iPhone can be strange at times.