August 12, 2013

Days 10 and 11: Louisville – London, Ohio – Home.

So it is Monday and Earl and I have been home for just shy of 24 hours. Tomorrow morning I board a plane and head to the greater Dallas, Texas area for work; this was not planned until I received a phone call while we were in the more rural area of Wisconsin. Though things are wicked busy at work and at home, I’m looking forward to this little trip.

When all was said and done, Earl and I hit 11 states in 11 days and 3506 miles. On Saturday morning we left Louisville and made the short drive to London, Ohio, where we met up with Tim and Kevin. Tim and I have been chatting regularly since February or so; they finally hunted me down because Tim collects the *exact* same clocks that I collect. I must say, he has a beautiful collection of these clocks.

We drove around Columbus and went to dinner in their ’61 Lincoln Continental convertible, complete with suicide doors. A couple people yelled “Green Acres” at us!

And we had chocolate covered bacon!

It look obscene but tasted wonderful!

Yesterday morning the four of us met Tim and Kevin’s dear friends Mitch and Sheri where we had a fabulous brunch on the patio before we headed home in the Jeep. 10 1/2 hours later, we were home.

And tomorrow, I hit the road again.

*Before I Die I Want To… *

While walking around in Louisville, Kentucky these other day, I spotted an entire storefront covered in chalkboard with the header "Before I die I want to __________________".  All of the blanks had been filled and some had written where the wasn't a blank.  I was happy to see the participation.

I didn't get a chance to write on the board because I couldn't find a piece of chalk.  So here it is:

Before I die I want to live without hesitation.