August 22, 2013



It is a gorgeous day in this neck of the woods today and it’s just what the doctor ordered. I was originally scheduled to go into the office today, but I’ve been working on a big project that launches tomorrow and since I just found out about in the mid-part of last week and it involved lots of code creation, I ended up working late last night.

Today I’m tidying up odds and ends on the new code and fixing the few lingering bugs, so I decided to work from home today.

We are slowly moving towards my favorite time of the year. If you look closely at the photo above, you’ll see that the maple trees in the back are starting to change over to autumn mode already. After living here for 10 years I no longer get concerned when I see the leaves changing at a seemingly early time; it’s just what they do around here. That one tree likes to be the first on the block to show off colors other than green. Everyone and everything has their moment.

While there’s a fairly good breeze blowing, the air still has a marked calmness about it. Other than the wind chimes singing a song and the sounds of trucks in the distance on the Thruway, things feel very calm. It could be just my perception, as I’ve been feeling rather calm since returning back from vacation and then the travel for work last week. I mentioned to a friend online last night that I feel the most solid I’ve felt in a while.

Solid is good.