Day 7: Bentonville-Rogers-Pea Ridge, Ark.

Sometimes you just have a feeling that things are going to be awesome on vacation. You know this to be a fact before the event even happens so you don’t really worry about these things, but in the end it’s always good to have a validation that what you know to be true is actually true.

Today was a good day.

Last night we met up with Erik & Robert and Dwayne, and Mark and Ben, who were visiting from Denver. I’ve followed Mark’s blog for a while now and I’ve been following Erik’s blog for a longer amount of time. So when we sat down and had drinks and dinner last night, I started chatting up a storm. I don’t know if this takes some people by surprise, but I’m the type of person that is either going to jump into a conversation and/or experience with both feet or I’m going to just sit back on the sidelines and watch. There’s no halfway for me, I’m all in or I’m all out.

All in was a good thing.

Today we continued sharing some good times with our new friends In Real Life and ended up going to the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art. This was very cool. Earl and I are not huge art fans, but we certainly appreciate talent when it is displayed, so we had a good time enjoying the various pieces of art that were on display through this wicked cool complex of buildings.

Can you see why I enjoy this particular painting of a clock shop?

Here we are with Mark and Ben. I let Erik touch my phone. I don’t let just anyone touch the Phone of iMachias.

Mark and Ben needed to head back to Denver, so we said our farewells (and we look forward to our paths crossing again!). Earl mentioned something about Loose Meat, and once I figured out that he was talking about lunch, Erik introduced us to a place near his tattoo shop where we had loose meat and loose talk. I believe the eatery was called Maid-Rite.

This evening we went to Erik and Robert’s house for a visit. We chatted for quite a few hours like we had known each other In Real Life for years and years. There’s something wonderful about that “click” sound that happens when you meet good people. Erik and Robert are doing some fabulous things to their farm and we look forward to visiting again to see how things are progressing.

This has been a fantastic visit with good people. We are looking forward to meeting up with Erik and Robert again soon.

Earl and I are now doing what all crazy Jeep road trip people do. We’re doing laundry.